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ECoach Terms, Conditions and Procedures

ECoach Terms, Conditions and Procedures

ECoach is a service provided by Squashgame.info to help Squash players fulfil their potential. Rippa and Raystrach can use their over 60 combined years of coaching experience to assist anyone who can record a short video and submit to the Squashgame.info website.

See Practical Steps to Getting Started

Sign Up Procedure

  1. Select the coaching plan of your choice
  2. Select your ECoach and confirm the details at the checkout
  3. Use the PayPal payment system to pay the appropriate fee ( Australian customers get charged an additional 10% GST at this point)
    • You can use either your Credit card, PayPal account or an attached bank account
  4. After completing the purchase, you can log in to your new ECoach record where you record some thoughts on what you  are looking to get out of your coaching plan and what your Squash  goals are
  5. You can then upload your first video and then act on the advice given and resources provided
  6. You are now on your way to fulfilling your Squash potential!

ECoach Terms and Conditions

  1. Squash  is a demanding sport and as such, students must satisfy themselves of their ability to safely carry out the activities suggested by their ECoach.
    • Students should advise their ECoach of any disabilities, injuries, medical conditions or any other situation which may prevent them from carrying out the appropriate level of activity which may be suggested from time to time during the ECoaching plan.
    • Students should seek the advice of an appropriately qualified medical professional before undertaking activities which are more strenuous or different than they are used to performing.
    • Students should satisfy themselves that they are capable of performing the tasks suggested by the ECoach and if not, advise the ECoach so that they can prescribe alternate activities which may be more suitable to the individual student.
    • The student acknowlwdges that Squashgame.info is not liable for any loss or injury caused as a result of undertaking the activites performed by them at the suggestion of the ECoach or in connection with any other related activities
  2. An ECoaching plan consists of an interaction between student and coach  commencing with a video upload  of no more than 5 minutes in length and some comments provided by the student.
    • The student should provide as much initial comment as they feel is necessary to adequately advise the ECoach of the circumstances and aspirations
    • After evaluation, feedback, instruction and suggested resources from the ECoach, student and coach can continue some discussion for the purposes of clarifying instruction. The extent of this further discussion will be determined solely by the Squashgame ECoach.
    • This process is repeated until the plan is expired. An ECoaching lesson consists of one if these video upload and feedback cycles.
    • At the end of the plan, one additional evaluation video can be provided by the student for final feedback, evaluation and possible course of future action.
  3. Additional lessons are available after an initial plan has been purchased. Each additional lesson consists of one upload and feedback cycle.
  4. Students can select private or public lessons
    • In a private lesson, all videos and dicussion remain private between the ECoach and the student. None of the videos or discussion/evaluation/feedback can be viewed by anyone else, except where expressly permitted in writing by the student
    • In a public lesson, all discussion and videos may be viewed by the public although no names will be used by Squashgame in the presentation of such content. If names are used in the text of discussion, they will not be removed.
  5. Video uploads must be completed within a period of months equal to the number of video uploads. (eg in a 3 lesson plan 4 uploads are permitted and must be uploaded within 4 months of the intial ECoach purchase.)
    • This is done to ensure that lessons are more or less continuous. Lessons spread out over too long a period could lose their effectiveness. Requests for extending this period in some circumstances will be considered.
  6. Lesson material remains permanently accessible by the student whilst the Squashgame.info website continues to operate.
  7. No video upload shall contain material which could be considered, pornographic, racist or provide incitement to violence. Coaching plans will be cancelled without refund if Squashgame.info, in its sole judgement consider this to be the case.
  8. These terms should be read in conjunction with our general Terms of Use