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Rules and Information on the Members' Forum

Rules and Information on the Members' Forum

Members' Forum Rules

  1. Your posts get published immediately (you can also save for later publication)
  2. Our no nonsense rules:
    • All text and images must be Squash oriented (Sorry, this is NOT a free speech forum)
    • No foul or abusive language, racist comment, adult content or other flaming
    • Any attached images must clearly be for a general viewing audience
    • No commercials (Event promos are allowed)
    • Disregard of these rules will result in a permanent ban from SquashGame.info
    • Only members can post/reply. (Membership is FREE, Register here!)

About the Squashgame Members' Forum

Squashgame SquashForum
  • Make a comment about any squash related matter
  • Give your opinion on all things Squash
  • Promote your squash event
  • Ask any Squash question

Squashgame SquashStory
  • Tell members how Squash has inspired you
  • Relate you favourite Squash stories
  • Let you imagination run wild with some Squash fiction!

Squashgame SquashInfo
  • Give us your take on Squash technique
  • Help our members become more mentally tough
  • Have you been able to recruit more players?
  • Got a question for us or other readers?
  • Explore your Squash weaknesses and strengths.