squash game

More on Lob/Toss Technique

  • The lob or toss is different to most other shots in that there is no rotation of the forearm, and the racket head direction is usually up, not through.
  • It is soft shot, lifting the ball upwards to a target very high on the front wall.
  • Ensure that the racket face remains very open.
  • Bring the racket underneath the ball and lift to the target point (usually no more than 0.5 metre from the front out line).
  • No rotation of the forearm.
  • Control racket head speed (to control the speed of the shot)to hit front wall and landing targets.
  • Continue the follow through up towards the target. Recover quickly to the T area.
  • A lob should be hit so that it cannot be intercepted before it reaches the back of the court.