squash game

More about the Boast Swing

  • While the boast is produced in a similar way to a drive, there are a couple of important differences.
  • The racket face should be kept more open to keep height on the ball once it has struck the side wall. (Less rotation of the forearm will ensure this happens).
  • Instead of hitting the ball roughly in line with the font foot/shoulder, the impact point will be around or even behind the back foot.
  • More advanced players can vary this.
  • Ensure that you get down to the ball - usually by bending the knees - so that you get under the ball.
  • Imparting backspin (open rracket face) will help sit the ball down lower on the front wall, and at the same time give lift to the ball.
  • Be sure to swing through the ball (hitting upwards with the open face may cause the ball to go higher than expected).
  • To lower the ball on the front wall, aim lower on the side wall (do not close the racket face).