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Playing Partner Rating Guidelines

The ratings are only a guide to get started in the Playing Partner system.
Suppose you arrange a match.  It is from these results that adjustments to the rating can be maxde, eg. male 10 v male 10 and the result is very one-sided, the winner and loser will then readjust their ratings.
It is envisaged, in time, the player ratings will be more accurately estimated. Also a forum discussion would benefit "playing partners" in the future.
The follow might provide some guidance on how to estimate your player rating.

Males v females - females to add about 20 rating points to the following:

1 - 20 
   1 - 10
Experienced, fit, skilful.
   10 - 20
Experienced, not so fit, skilful.
Experienced, fit, not so skilful

20 - 40  
   20 - 30
Fit, skilful, not experienced.
   30 - 40
Very fit, not skilful, reasonably experienced.

40 - 60 
   40 - 50
Very experienced, not fit, skilful, mature aged
    50 - 60
 Keen, fit, medium skills.

60 - 80
   60 - 70
 Fit, limited skills, limited experience.
   70 - 80
Average fitness, average skills, good social player.

80 - 100
   80 - 90
Limited racket skills, fit, keen no experience.
   90 - 100
Limited racket skills, not fit, keen, mature age no exerience.

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Suggested Rating Scale

Males v females - males to deduct 20 rating points.

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