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Tactical Tips

Being able to adapt the strokes to exploit the weaknesses of the opponent is smart play.

Once a full array of strokes have been learned, it is time to look at the specifics of the strokes.  What is meant by that?

Squash Library/Tactics is a good read.





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When we are in command of the rally it is desirable to keep pressure on the opponent by attacking.  Why?

  • trying to force an error
  • set up an opportunity to hit a winner
  • make the opponent expend more energy
  • break the opponent's spirit

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Pressure play

Keep the opponent on the move:

  • Hard drives
  • Tight drives or lobs
  • Volley
  • Volley Boast
  • Nicks/Kills


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Recover back into the rally by:

  • moving the opponent from the middle of the court.
  • getting back to the T
  • controlling the speed of the rally


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Defensive shots

A great saying is "only hit the ball as hard as you can run" - this is to allow sufficient time to get back into position. These are the main shots to enable this to happen:


  • Tight length
  • Lob down the line tight
  • Cross court lob

These are not meant to be winning shots, but great positional shots to set up an opportunity.



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