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Want to improve

Many players just "want to improve".  The difficult thing is to know where to start.  

I recommend a balanced training program which spans over one or two weeks depending on how much time there is on the court.  Incorporate skills, and tactics into your training.  If the skill relates to the tactical aspect it will be even more helpful to your improvement. This will give more purpose to the training and prevent boredom.

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Squashgame has Evaluation Forms to assist players identify areas that are letting their game down.

In the main, players only want to know about their good points, and continually rely on them during practice and competition, especially while they are winning their matches.

However, as we get a better understanding of the "nuts and bolts" of the game and want to challenge better players, the need to address other areas of the game will be necessary to take our play to the next level.

The main thing is try not to do too much at once and be patient.

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Set goals

Knowing where to start can be a bit daunting.  Unfortunately, not every player has some lessons before starting to play and can develop some bad technique habits, eg the grip, swing.

How do I know if my grip and swing need adjustment?

Usually noting the number of errors, or strokes missed will be a good guide, particularly when the ball gets close to the wall or lands in the corners.

The Squash Library and Gold Video Library will be of great assistance.

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Once the basic strokes have become consistent, it is time to put some fundamental tactics in place, eg ten fundamentals.

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