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Strive to get the balls to land in the corners

Strive to get the balls to land in the corners

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Balls that land near the walls and corners are harder to return

Published: 23 Nov 2004 - 18:28 by rippa rit

Updated: 18 Mar 2008 - 20:00

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It is very easy to walk onto the court and just chase the balls around without having any plan. It is the smart player who gives some thought to the match that will generally come out on top because they have considered the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent before going on the court.  If they have not seen the player before, they observe their strokes and movement during the pre-game hit up.

Sometimes we think too much. Other times we don't think at all. That's life!
A simple game plan should include the following:-

  •  Hit the ball away from your opponent.
  •  Hit the serve to strike or hug the side wall making it difficult for the opponent to return.
  • Alternately, hit a wide cross court
  •  Keep the drives close to the side wall.
  •  Strive for the ball to land in the corners.

Link to Gold video clip showing how the shots in the back of the court are difficulty to return, and how that corner shot forces the player into the corner leaving a lot of court open.  Returning shots that land in the corners.

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