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The Basics of Physical Conditioning for Squash players

  • To get the most out of Squash training, it is important to understand the basics of physical conditioning.
  • In this way, weaknesses and strengths can be indentified and specific training programs developed

The Sports Coach site has a lot of Squash specific information on training

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Components of Fitness

Skipping ncreases leg power and speed
The components of fitness are:
  • Speed
    • Which is generated from leg power, and greatly assists in the take off/acceleration. 
  • Strength
    • Gives the muscles the ability to with-stand exertion over an extended period. 
  • Power
    • Is the amount of force generated by the muscles. 
  • Endurance
    • Relates to the length of time the force and strength can be applied.
  • Flexibility
    • Enables the body to twist and turn and makes a player agile.

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Principles of Training

The following principles need to be addressed when setting up a training regime:
  • Specificity
    • Applies to the specific reasons for the training, eg the physical demands of the sport/task.
  •  Progression
    • Applies to the setting of the training goals allowing for the short term gains, as well as the overall result.
  • Individuality
    • Is about the individual and their physical strengths and weaknesses at the time of setting the training program, eg a player may be strong but slow, and the program will need to be balanced (by adding speed training)to get the "on court" result.
    • Height, weight, body type, sex and age will be an important consideration.
  •  Variety
    • Is the key to keeping interested in wanting to persevere and enjoy the challenge.
    •  Keeping a diary can assist re-enforce the rewards for the effort. 
  • Overload
    • Refers to the gradual increase in the effort, eg taking each element of training progressively.
    • It can be detrimental to go "full" on too quickly; however, without extra load things may stay the same.
  •  Reversibility
    •  "If you don't use it, you lose it".
    • Any player training after time off caused by injury has difficulty picking up exactly where they left off.
    • Unfortunately, the body seems to lose muscle much more quickly than it is gained.
    • One week off may take three week's training to get back to the same level.
    • If you are unable to train for a length of time, begin with regaining your cardiovascular level.
    • This will help your body fuel the muscles where you need to rebuild strength.

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Development of Physical Abilities

Develop rhythm and movement

Squash is an excellent sport for overall body fitness as it utilises so much muscular activity which accounts for most of the body's energy consumption.  Keep a log of the training sessions. Any weakness in the following areas will reflect in your game.

Keep a Diary to record your training.

  • Endurance Training
  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Speed
  • Power

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