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Monitor your squash fitness program

  • Fitness field tests can play an important monitoring role in any fitness program where sophisticated equipment is not available.:
  • The method of doing the test must be duplicatable so that an accurate comparison is given each time the test is repeated.
  • Recording the test results will:
    • Help maintain motivation.
    • Show the player of the progress (or lack of it) that they are making.
    • Can be rewarding when effort is being put in at training
  • The following is a simple way of recording the various components required for squash.
    Fitness Test...Date...../...../........ Method
    Cardiovascular Endurance
    15 minute run ........kls
    Run continuously for 15 mins. Take the same course each test. Take the max. heart rate at the finish line.
    Illinois Agility Run .........secs
    Set 4 markers 3m apart.Lie down, jump up and do a figure of 8 around 3 markers twice, and sprint past the 4th marker to finish.
    Timed court sprints·
    • No. in 10 secs.
    • No. in 20 secs.
    • No. in 30 secs.
    • No. in 60 secs.
    • 40m sprint ....secs.
    Need a stop watch and time keeper.In a squash centre a sprint along the hallway behind 3 courts would be adequate.
    Local Muscular Endurance
    • Sit ups – bent knees (No. in 60 secs.).............
    • Push ups –
    maximum number................
    • Dips –
    maximum number...............
    • Chin ups –
    maximum number..............
    It is important to keep the back straight in push ups, and stop when the exercise gets sloppy. Make the movements smooth and not jerk.
    (Sit & Reach Test) -
     plus or minus
    Sit on the floor, legs straight, back straight. Reach towards the toes, measure the distance between the tops of the fingers and the tops of the toes. Plus is the distance past the toes, minus is the distance before the toes.
    Vertical JumpVertical Jump Take a piece of chalk in one hand, with arm stretched above the head mark a spot. Stand alongside a wall. Jump as high as possible and mark the height on the wall with chalk. Measure the distance between the two marks.
    Other Information
    Height: .......
    Weight: .......
    Resting Heart RateBPM ................... Take your heart rate immediately upon waking before getting out of bed.

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