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Squash Training On Court

  This On Court Squash training section is designed to give some new ideas on how to train  more effectively by:
    • Utilising the squash court time to build up weaknesses which do not relate to the skills.
    • Realise the types of physical conditioning necessary during play.
    • Bridge the gap between sports science and the game.
    • To give you some idea of what your squash training should entail.

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Requirements for Squash

Squash players need to be:-
  • Aerobically fit
    • Be able to play squash for at least 1.5 hours without feeling exhausted, get cramps, and able to keep running after the ball.
  • Anaerobically fit
    • Be able to sustain short bursts of speed for the duration of the match.
  • Flexible/Agile
    • The ability to twist, turn, take long strides and bend without sustaining injury.
  • Strong
    • Be able to drive  a ball with power for the duration of the match without fatigue.
    • Accelerate and decelerate around the court.
  • Mentally tough
    • Control the mind.
    • Be able to concentrate on the game plan, and recall the shots played.
    • Focus on the task.
    • Remain disciplined.

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  • Your heart rate should be maintained at at least 60 - 70% mhr for at least 40 minutes
  • Playing more squash will help build up the energy required for playing.
  • Increasing the intensity and duration of play with assist build up the aerobic  energy system.
  • Introduce penalties for errors during training, eg hit the tin - penalty is 6 court sprints.
  • Less talking (ie resting) in-between points will also increase the energy required.
  • Limited amount of breaks during training will increase the intensity.
  • Specific strategies
    • Court sprints, say 10 sets of 20 with 15 sec break in between
    • Two person drills (continuous)
    • Game Play  (high intensity, long rallies)

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  • Energy of the anaerobic system is derived from chemicals within the muscles - recovery time is essential
  • Short bursts of High intensity Squash or Drills.
  • Court sprints, say in sets of 20 with 1 minute break.
  • Ghosting, say having 4, 6, 10 racket swings per rally, with 30 - 60 sec break in-between.
  • Short, high intensity Routines/drills changing over every 30 - 60 seconds. eg suicides

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  • Warming up and warming down before and after play will increase the flexibility in the muscles and joints.

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  • Agility runs
    • weave between markers on court
  • Interrupted ghosting
    • Have a training partner interrupt your ghosting routine
  • Interrupted drills
    • have a third training partner interrupt your training drill

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  • Swinging the racket and hitting the ball hard.
  • Penalties for hitting the tin, eg 6 push ups or 6 sit ups.
  • Routines/drills that include boasts and length drives.

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  • This element has to be included in part of the preparation routine and on court training/competition, so remember train how you would expect to play, and with the same concentration, and effort.
  • If you feel like a "lay" day that is ok too, provided it is not every training day or the tough mental aspect will not improve and let you down at the most critical times.  Here are some ideas:
    • Always have a training/playing game plan, which will in turn  assist concentration..
    • Keep checking if the ten fundamentals are being practised during play, and following each point.
    • Evaluate the reason for the loss of the point immediately, or the reason for the success during the game, eg unforced error, opponent's shot too good, serves not going against the wall, etc..
    • To improve concentration, sit and plan your match strategy before leaving home by sitting  with the TV going (noise/disturbance) endeavouring to block out the distraction.
    • Train with noise (put the radio on at the back of the court) and zero through the distraction, to still focus on the play, and the outcomes of the shots/routines.
Note: Mostly we are fore-warned about an impending result/behaviour and what it is doing to our performance, and the above ideas can sort of act as a wake-up call before it is too late.

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