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Technique tips

Becoming more accurate is a good start to improving your game.  Many players just say " I want to improve"and underestimate how improving skills will also improve performance.  The difficult thing is to know where to start. Understanding the components of the skills/stroking of the ball, and the effect that has on the result, for example:

  • Amount of power the stroke has generated
  • How much elevation is on the ball
  • The depth the ball lands within the court
  • Whether the ball lands in the corner and "dies".
  • Hitting the ball tight
  • Being consistent



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Control and accuracy of a shot is dependent on a few key points:

  • Early preparation
  • Control the wrist
  • Steady the swing (don't wave the racket around)
  • Balanced court movement
  • Keep away from the wall and allow room to swing
  • Try not to bash the ball back onto your body

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