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Squash Player Goal Setting

  • It is true that all motivated people have goals.
  • They may not be formalised, they may not be written down, but they are goals none the less.
  • It also follows that setting goals helps provide motivation

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Although there are many types of goals they can be roughly divided into short term and long term goals. Here are some examples.
  • Short term goals:
  • Hit the ball
  • Win the next competition match Achieve in the next training session
  • Long term goals
  • Make the final of this year's competition
  • Achieve a targeted fitness level
  • Make the world top ten
Continual evaluation of performance will assist set and adjust these goals.
Read about How to Train

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Goal Setting Guidelines

  • The best goals are specific, realistic, challenging, achievable, measurable
  • Make goals and set deadlines to achieve them
  • Set performance goals in preference to outcome goals.
  • Try to keep your goals under your control
  • Write down your goals and evaluate regularly.
  • Keep a Diary to assist re-evaluation of all goals.

There is a basic model for the prediction of sports performance:

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Perform task analysis of the specific sport environment Establish important variables effecting performance Measure specific characteristics in the athlete Use the results in the selection process
What happens in the game? What is required of the player? How well does the athlete meet the requirements? Is the player likely to succeed?

This type of analysis might sound too technical for the average player.  Yes, it is just a game of squash.  However, the greater the understanding of sports performance, which is not all that different to a model for success in any field, the better the chance of self help and improvement.  There are Evaluation Tools in Gold which will assist all levels of player.

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This is an example only and will need to be specifically designed to suit the player's needs, as well as the work and family commitments.

Day Training schedule
Saturday Club practice (have a goal)
Sunday Training routines with various partners
Tuesday Competition (evaluate the match)
Wednesday 30mins Speed and aerobic training, eg Sprint 100m, walk, sprint, walk and repeat.
Thursday Rest
Friday Gym

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  • Motivation is what impels a person to strive with intensity and persistence in a certain direction.
  • It is usually a need within a person to achieve, avoid or posses.
  •  Intrinsic motivation
  • Desire to achieve that comes from within
  • A driving force or inner "fire"
  • Usually a stable factor
  • Extrinsic Motivation
  • Generated by external factors (status, money)
  • Positive reinforcement by others (coach,loved ones)
  • Usually less stable than intrinsic motivation

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Enhancing your goals

  • Ensure the consious mind makes decisions which work towards your goals.
  • The subconscious will then organise automatic responses in that direction.
  • Use techniques like repeated affirmations and positive self statements to train your subconscious to control your behavioour positively.
  • Use mental rehearsal and visualisation to make you comfortable with success.
  • Always write down your goals.
  • Keep working at your goals and review them regularly.

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