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Rippa Rit's Tips

Ripp Rit's Squash tips

A Turning Point

I have just watched, with interest, a match when the apparent winner became the loser. In many a match there is a "turning point". What brings about this situation? ...

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Which foot forward?

Are you a beginner?

How to Play Squash

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The Guru Blog

raystrach's squash blog

Age Is No Barrier - Yeah Right!

When people say that age is no barrier, what they really mean is that it is a barrier. But it is a barrier that can be broken down. I have been thinking a lot about age ...

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The Guru's Shorts...

For some, learning to be mentally tough is a slow process that is achieved in steps. Until the processes of focus and concentration become automatic, one must create the necessary keywords and cues to use during the heat of battle, to keep us in touch with what we planned in the cool light of day.

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21 Aug 15 - 07:50 - SquashStory
Receiving the service

19 Aug 15 - 07:28 - SquashInfo
Wrist action

19 Aug 15 - 07:16 - SquashForum
queries re 'interference'

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Library Discussion

Basic Squash Backhand and Squash Forehand Swing
Speed v power

Pressure within
Does breaking rackets help?

Pressure within
how to cope when it has gone too far

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