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Ripp Rit's Squash tips

Use of Cue words

What does that really mean? During all games (competition or social hits), training, etc. our mind usually has a dialog going on in our head. Not all of these thoughts are posit ...

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Are you a beginner?

How to Play Squash

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raystrach's squash blog

Just Do It - Or Maybe Not

It always seems to me that whenever I get around to doing something that I should had done much earlier, there is always a reason why I should not be doing it then, because ther ...

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Success is not the triumph of good luck over apathy, but more  failure to achieve the perfection sought.

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Members' Forum

30 Mar 15 - 13:28 - SquashForum
playing squash in Bahrain

28 Mar 15 - 03:33 - SquashForum
Bahrain Squash Coach Required

28 Mar 15 - 03:30 - SquashForum
Dilmun Club Bahrain Squash Club - Night and League

18 Mar 15 - 16:26 - Squash Gear Forum
I need insoles to stop plantar fasciitis!

18 Mar 15 - 16:20 - SquashForum
How to correct forehand swing?

17 Mar 15 - 17:43 - SquashForum
Advise for a beginner

17 Mar 15 - 17:31 - SquashInfo
stamping of the foot

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Basic Squash Backhand and Squash Forehand Swing
Speed v power

Pressure within
Does breaking rackets help?

Pressure within
how to cope when it has gone too far

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The only thing I am missing are movies from matches.

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