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Rippa Rit's Tips

Ripp Rit's Squash tips


Think outside the square is what I would like you to focus on. We talk about change of pace, upsetting an opponent's rhythm, slowing the opponent down, keeping th ...

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Which foot forward?

Are you a beginner?

How to Play Squash

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raystrach's squash blog

Is Anybody There?

The description of my Squash blog is "The webmaster's daily battle to improve his Squash and achieve his goals." We ...

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Playing regular competitive Squash, is like being in a jungle. One's senses are honed, one's judgement is refined, and one's reactions are sharpened, and it is all automatic. Just in case of attack by one's predator, the opponent.

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09 Apr 14 - 17:51 - SquashInfo
Back corners

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Pressure within
Does breaking rackets help?

Pressure within
how to cope when it has gone too far

Pressure within
Create a routine for psych control

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