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Webmaster's Information, the world's number one Squash resource website, has had plenty of help on its road to success. For other webmasters, here are some of the tools I use to keep SquashGame working and succeeding.

There is a lot to building and maintaining website but these tools, programs and websites can be a great help.

All the links on this page are genuine and unpaid, although I do run a couple of the sites on the list, so if you purchase products from these, you will be helping me.

Raymond Strachan - Webmaster

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Domain Names and Web Services
Activ 8 Domains is where you can get all the things you need to create and maintain a website including:
  • A wide range of domain names including all the popular extensions and more
  • A range of web hosting plans
  • Secure SSL certificates
  • More web services and software
Looking to earn extra cash in the lucrative domain business - look no further than here!  But sorry, no instant overnight riches, though with a little hard work you could earn some extra cash.

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PHP ad MYSQL Scripts and Tools

The PHP Site

PHP and MYSQL are two open source programs which are powerful and popular in creating web applications. PHP is the programming language used in creating this website. When used with the MYSQL database system you can create and more!

PHP Classes

Get some really neat class scripts at this site. It has saved me many hours trying to reconfigure the wheel when introducing new features


Codewalkers have an extensive forum and quite a number of good PHP coding tutorials which help when you are in very deep trouble with your code.

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Web Site Optimisation

Web site search engine optimisation (seo) is the process of getting your site primed for good search engine results. WEB CEO is a great web site optimisation tool and the great news is that the free version is terrific!

It has helped become the world's number 1 squash resource website.

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Other Handy Scripts

Dynamic Drive
Dynamic Drive is a great site with many free DHTML scripts for menus, images and more. The drop down menu at the top of the page is a slightly modified Dynamic Drive script -  the best menu system I have come across by far, including those from expensive menu creating applications.

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Our Web Host
Allan from has been very helpful in setting up the SquashGame hosting account. Especially when we were geting started, his advice was invaluable and helped us overcome many obstacles. His ongoing service is always appreciated

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Other Handy Programs

SoftPlus Sitemap Generator
This is the best program for creating those invaluable Google sitemaps that I have used (I have tried about 10). They help the Google seach engines crawl your site more effectively and give you heaps of neat information on your site through Google Sitemaps. (Free program)

Other programs coming soon

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