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Published: 22 Jan 2010 - 07:53 by rippa rit

Updated: 09 Mar 2010 - 16:14

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These few items are all out of the Squash Shop (see top righthand corner). I have colated a list of various products most of which are on SPECIAL for your convenience and hope that makes shopping easier. Thanks for your support.



Black Knight Chameleon Squash Racket

Black Knight '99 5242 Bandit Squash Racket

Black Knight Junior Squash Racket

Dunlop Aerogel Pro GT Squash Racket

Dunlop Aerogel Ultimate (Amr Shabana signature model) Squash Racket

Dunlop Black Max Titanium SR

Dunlop Hot Melt Carbon Squash Racket

Dunlop Hot Melt Pro Squash Racket

Dunlop Hot Melt Jonothan Power

Dunlop M-Fil Pro Squash Racket

Dunlop Sports Ultra 130 Squash Racket

Head Flexpoint 130 Squash Racket

Head Metallix 130 Squash Racket

Head Liquidmetal 140 Squash Racket

Head Liquidmetal 120 SR

Prince More Game Squash Racket - best seller

Prince 09 AirOLightning Squash Racket

Prince Squash Starter Kit (John White)

Prince Pro Game Squash Kit

Prince TT Sovereign Squash Racket

Tecnifibre Carboflex 140 Texalium Squash Racket

Technifibre Suprem NG 130

Wilson nCode Tour SR


Prince Triple Squash Bag

Prince 6-Pack Bag


Dunlop Max Squash Ball - For Beginners

Dunlop Single Yellow Dot - For Improving players.

Dunlop Pro Double Yellow Dot Squash Balls - For Competitive and International Players

Dunlop White Pro Squash Balls (3Pack)



i-Mask Protective Eyewear (full mask)

Prince Pro Lite Eyewear


Karakal PU Super Grip


Economy Racquetball Racket - For kids and beginners

Ektelon Power Pack + Racquetball Kit

Ekleton Premium Racquetball Balls (Pack 3)

Ektelon Classic Pro Racquetball Glove (RH)


Indoor Court Shoes

Prince NFS 03 Squash Shoe


Portable Stringing Machine

Tecnifibre Power X-one Biphase Squash String Set

Ashaway Supernick XL Micro Strings

Head Perfect Power Squash Strings

String Tension Calibrator - MTC

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Hi Rita and Ray, I just want to express my word of thanks.Founding your website in December totally revalued my attitude towards the game

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