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Hyper Hammer 120 string and tension?

Published: 11 Mar 2008 - 23:23 by rar2505

Updated: 11 Feb 2020 - 16:47

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I own a hyper hammer 120 and narrowed it down to the TF305 and the Ashaway Supernick XL pro.

What do you recommend between both (i'd rank my level of play as an intermediate who started 1 year ago and maybe a 4/10).

What tension should i use given i like to hit the ball hard and get some power out of my racket while varying to a few drop shots from time to time.

If you have other suggestions pls feel free.


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From Adz - 12 Mar 2008 - 02:37

You need to stick to a mid-tension with a relatively thick guage.

I'd go for around 25lbs and a 1.25mm string.


At the level of play you describe, I'd assume that you're beginning to master certain shot types and are beginning to experiment with different power-levels of shots? Please correct me if I'm wrong! If this is the case then you need an average multifilament string (maybe with a monofilament core) strung at a mid-tension.

For most racquets this is around 25lbs

The two types you've described TF305 and Ashaway S/N XL Pro come in 3 different guages: 1.20mm / 1.30mm for the TF305 and 1.25 for the Ashaway. At the start, the ashaway will have more "grit" in the feel of the string, but the TF will catch up as the strings bed-in.

In your place I'd probably suggest that you look at the ashaway (slightly less cost to start), and then as you progress and want more elasticity in the string, I'd change to TF305 1.20mm.

There's loads of posts on the forums about string types and their characteristics, and it may well be worth a trawl through to find out more to do with what types of strings will match your playing type.

When first starting out (e.g. first year or two) I'd always recommend that people stick with slightly thicker strings as they tend to last longer when mis-hits occur I've started to use powernick and seem to be breaking strings every week at the moment due to playing people who have me running all over the place and not always hitting my returns sweetly. Slightly off centre at a higher guage and the thinner strings will snap.


Saying all of this, the choice of string is completely down to you and what you feel works best.


So........ try 25lbs and the 1.25 ashaway. If it don't feel right then try something tighter / looser / thinner / thicker etc.


Good luck!!




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From rar2505 - 11 Mar 2008 - 23:32

Thanks but would still want an idea where would you put it if you were at any level of play!!!!!!

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From Viper - 11 Mar 2008 - 23:27

To be honest at the level you are playing ternsion is neither here nor there.

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