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Prince NFS IV or Prince 03?

Published: 13 Nov 2007 - 09:18 by SquashNorthof60

Updated: 15 Nov 2007 - 07:10

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Need to order some new shoes and I have decided to go back to Prince because they are nice and wide. 

Any feedback or comments on either of these two models would be appreciated.


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From jimbob1965 - 14 Nov 2007 - 10:06

Yes indeed they fit true to size.  I am a size 12 and the 12's they sent me fit like a dream.



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From SquashNorthof60 - 13 Nov 2007 - 11:59

Thanks for the reply jimbob,

I will check out the Hi Tec's. Do they fit true to size?  i.e. do you wear your normal size?

Thansk again.

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From jimbob1965 - 13 Nov 2007 - 09:50

I have just obtained a pair of Hi-Tec SYS:4  (as used by David Palmer, amongst others) - came free with ISport Group's 'VIP Membership' package, along with 2 free tickets to the British Open 2008 final in Liverpool in May.  As I was in need of some new shoes anyway, at £50 for the package, I thought this was a good deal when you add the freebie tickets into the equation, plus other benefits.  ISport seem to be promoting all the major tournaments here in the UK at present, so not sure if this offer is only available to UK based squash enthusiasts - details can be seen here:

Anyway, I also have wide feet and can report that the SYS:4 are nice and wide fitting.  They are a nice looking shoe in black and flourescent green - my opponents will sure see my feet out of the corner of their eyes now eh, rita :-)  I would say these are the most comfortable and supporting shoes I have ever owned so am very impressed thus far.  I also feel as though they will be quite hard wearing and won't give out on me too soon, like other models have in the past.

All in all, I would say the Hi-Tec SYS:4 are worth a look alongside the Prince.



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