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Prince MV 4 Shoe Review

Published: 05 Nov 2009 - 22:41 by rskting

Updated: 05 Nov 2009 - 22:41

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MV4 review: Okay, so I bought the MV4 and played a couple of matches in them. I have nothing to say about the shoe, and that is a good thing. The NFS 3 was not enough cushion. The head shoes are bad in every way. The stabil is heavy. The asics too soft. Of course, the NFS 3 has good wide toebox, the head shoes were cheap, and the stabil is just solid. But the MV4 I couldn't find anything to complain or very good to say about. I just put them on and kind of forgot about the shoe thing. I think that means it's a good shoe. Now if I could only find a racquet and strings, and headbands that I can just forget about....

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So, big applause, bravo bravissimo for you, my two teachers :-)

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