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Prince tt viper

Published: 24 Mar 2007 - 00:15 by hothead

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 16:28

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I have a prince tt viper for last 9 months. It has been restrung many times. At this time it is strung a little loose at about 29 pounds. I have to adjust the strings after 2-3 shots. Now it has developed cracks at two places. not fully broken but visible cracks on about half of the frame's thickness. I have put some araldite into it.

The problem is that sweet spot has reduced to a very narrow place. if the ball does not hit this sweet spot there is no power in the stroke and it feels like the ball has been hit by a wooden plank.

Is it because the racket is broke or due to strings.


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From hamburglar - 27 Mar 2007 - 03:28

strange, there could be a few things going on. You don't mention what type of string you are using. Assuming your stringer sets it at 29 pounds and you get something less like 20, that would worry me that your stringer is not diligent about keep their stringer calibrated, or their clamps cleaned to avoid slipping. A thin 18-gauge string strung at 20 lbs will have a bit higher tension then say, a 16-gauge string strung at 20 lbs. The thicker string will feel softer and will move more, but I can't imagine how you could break more than one set of 16-gauge string in 9 months.

The planking or boardy feeling you mention is typical of strings that are too tight. You might get this when moving to a thinner string and not bumping down the tension a few pounds. You could probably check your relative string tension with a stringmeter device and compare with some other racquets to see if it's tight or loose in comparison. Based on what you've said, I might find a different stringer. If they're not calibrated or if they use the incorrent string or stringing technique for squash racquets, you will end up with a cracked racquet frame---even without using the racquet.

I would get a new racquet, yours sounds like it's toast.

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From Adz - 26 Mar 2007 - 21:50   -   Updated: 26 Mar 2007 - 21:51

Ah! Not as bad as I first thought


Restringing 5 or 6 times over the course of 9 months isn't as bad as it sounds. It suggests that you either slice through the ball a lot or have a very hard hitting swing. If the strings have a smooth surface then you will always get string-bed movement from a sliced shot, as the strings will slip over each other due to the ball impact. This is completely normal and won't effect your game, so you don't have to worry about straightening them every ralley (although many people do through habit!).


Try using a more durable string for the mains in the racquet and something with more texture in the crosses. Varying the tensions of each string will allow you to get the best performance out of your equipment. Ask your stringer to give you some advice on different stringing types and tensions. If they can't help you, or you aren't convinced with what they tell you then GET ANOTHER STRINGER! Afterall, 30lbs in a squash racquet would be so tight that you might as well use a thin electrical cable in your racquet - it'll last longer and give you the same amount of feel!


If you'd prefer to stick with one string type and you like the wilson 17 gauge strings then you'll probably get on well with the Prince Super Syngut with Duraflex string. It has good playablility and very good durability (when strung at a reasonable tension!).


Let us know how you get on!



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From hothead - 26 Mar 2007 - 19:06


thanx for your replies. string tension is loose as i have to adjust it after 2-3 shoots and it feels very loose. racket has been restrung around 5-6 times. the original strings lasted about 3-4 months. i use wilson sensa 17 guage.

my stringing guy tells me that he strung the racket at 30 pounds so maybe his machine is broke. strings break in the middle of the racket.

now i am using head flexpoint 130 and it is a nice  racket.

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From Adz - 26 Mar 2007 - 18:41

Wow  I'm not going to even begin to explain how worried I was when I first read this post!

If the racquet is broken then you need to replace it, not repair it with araldite! Racquets are carefully designed to get the best performance in peak condition. A broken racquet can actually cause elbow and wrist injuries not to mention splintering from wall impacts. So CHANGE IT!


29lbs seems VERY tight for any squash racquet let alone a Prince TT Viper which has a recommended range of around 22lbs to 27lbs! My only thought being that your stringer has a crank machine set up for tennis strings e.g. spring tension set and tested at 60lbs which will leave the tensions out by up to 5lbs on the lower end of the scale.


What also came to mind is when you mentioned that it has been restrung "many times". How many exactly over 9 months? Some simple questions you really want top be asking yourself:

1) How and where are my strings breaking?

2) How quickly can I replace my broken racquet?

3) Who is stringing my racquets and do they know what they are talking about / doing?


If you want a racquet with a reasonable sweet-spot then you need to start by stringing your racquets at around 25-26lbs with a reasonable quality string. I've tried some strings that are like playing with wire in your racquet, and mix this with too high a tension and yes it would feel like hitting the ball with a plank of wood!


Let us know what racquet you've decided to go with next, and read some of the other threads about stringing on the site. This will give you a good insight into which to consider next time you need a racquet resrung.



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From sloejp - 26 Mar 2007 - 14:49

i also play with a prince tt viper, strung with supernick xl at 24 lbs. i've been using the racket for about a year now and have no problems with cracks or frame durability. 29 lbs seems to be on high end of recommended tension for this racket, which may be the reason why you have cracks. also, i don't think 29 lbs is loose at all, so you may want to experiment more with string tension.

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