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wilson n code

Published: 11 May 2007 - 01:41 by fatness

Updated: 19 Sep 2008 - 17:31

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just bought a wilson n code and thought i would give my two -pence worth on it.

firts impression was that it is much more powerful that the dunlop ice elite which i had before, but there was no control over my shots and it was very hard to play tight shots. i had it restrung with ashway powernick 18 and my god what a diffrence! power was still there but accuracy was now on par with my old dunlop. great all round racket, good on the volley and great for drops with the new string, i can really feel the ball on the strings and can also really cut the ball into the nick. it might be in my head, but it feels shorter that the dunlop therefore much more easy to control in the back corners. the only downfall was it felt "twangy" when striking the ball. i also got bad tennis elbow a few weeks after using it. i also read somewhere that antony ricketts also got a bad elbow injury, hhmmm bit of a coincidence. i perservered for a few weeks but it got really bad, especially after playing. i then bought a head shock absorber which clips onto the strings in the throat area, and lo and behold my tennis elbow went away! i now think i have the perfect weapon. the best way i can think of describing the racket is that it feels and swingsa the exact same as a muscleweave pro but has more power.

hope you found this useful


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From stevo - 17 May 2007 - 13:00

My mate just bought one of these. I had a hit with it. It was nice, for a few drives up and down the wall. It still had the factory strings in it which I don't like. Another thing I didn't like was it sounded a bit tinny (is that a word?), or hollow. Unsubstantial is another word that comes to mind. It felt like a smack against the side wall might result in serious damage. Still it wasn't too pricey so breakages might not be too costly
Also, I don't think Ricketts uses this exact model as the string pattern looks different

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From fatness - 14 May 2007 - 18:39

sorry about that, the racket i was talking about is the wilson ncode ntour ( the red / white one )


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From rippa rit - 13 May 2007 - 08:17

Sparty thanks for reminding these members to use the Gear Forum for these posts. This is the second one this week which I tried to move but then it said I submitted the post so that was a bit useless.  I think Ray will be able to move them when he gets a chance.

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From nickhitter - 13 May 2007 - 01:54


It would be more useful if you mentioned the model as there are at least 8 rackets in the wilson nCode range.

you mentioned anthony ricketts, so I presume you are referring to the nTour? if you go to the reviews forum you can see what other people have said about this racket also


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