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Wilson - Hyper Hammer 120 string

Published: 18 Aug 2007 - 00:59 by rar2505

Updated: 22 Aug 2007 - 02:23

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I own a brand new wilson hyper hammer 120, and for some reason i feel the sweet spot has diminished and i am looking to either re-sell it or looking to have it re-strung. What do you think is the best string available and how much force would it need? Thanks.

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From Adz - 22 Aug 2007 - 02:23

Hhmmm how long is a piece of string?


It's all dependent on your game type and string habits as to the best string for your game. The best all-round strings are listed by drop.shot in the previous post, but if you're looking for something with reasonable longevity and a good mix of power and control, I'd personally start looking at something with a 1.2mm or 1.25mm guage.

If you're not looking to spend mega-bucks and are looking for something to last, then look at some of the cheaper brand offerings out there. Toalson, Pros Pro, Head, Prince, Wilson do some good quality strings at some relatively cheap prices. I tend to recommend some of the Toalson or Pros Pro stuff (VERY cheap but excellent value for money), but a mate of mine tends to go with RAB or Prince super syngut w/duraflex. These are modestly priced and shouldn't set you back for than about £16 for a restring as opposed to Ashaway Supernick or Tecnifibre 305 which will set you back around £19 where I'm from.


Obviously prices and strings will vary by country and region, so have a chat with a local stringer and see what they say, then come back on here and let us know the prices and recommendations they gave you. Also find out how much they charge to string if you provide your own strings - you can always pick up some very cheap deals on ebay and then save the costs in materials over time (e.g. my reel of Pros Pro dura-ace cost me £17 for 130m on ebay - that's about £1 a re-string! Add labour from a stringer (£7-10) and you're saved £5 on what you'd normally pay. 4 restrings in (normally @£15 each) and you've paid for the reel in your savings but still have 12 restrings left!


Hope that helps!


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From drop-shot - 18 Aug 2007 - 05:35

Ashaway Supernick


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