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Wilson - nTour nCode squash racket

The Wilson nTour nCode

The Wilson nTour nCode

Published: 30 Dec 2005 - 02:05 by drop-shot

Updated: 25 Jan 2008 - 11:50

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  • Weight: 140 g,
  • Balance: Even Balance (36 cm) gives you the feeling of 135-130 g racket,
  • Head size: 470 cm2,
  • Construction: nCode/Graphite
  • Power Holes™  (bigger and better sweet spot thanks to bigger flexibility of the strings being strung in a bigger eyelets),
  • Double Braid™ (graphite and Kevlar layers on the racket frame to improve stability and strength),
  • Pro Staff® Design (taken from one of the best squash rackets shape ever invented),
  • Opened neck system creates resilient (flexible) head of the racket while hit the ball
  • Strings pattern: 14 x18 (Default string: Helixx)

Actually, all of the description I put above above is accurate and there is no need for more words .

          I am not using the nano-code technology as it really says nothing for the end-user as I am...
The only thing I can tell you about that racket is that I’ve never played before with that freedom and relax on the court. I was really afraid of the weight of that one as I usually played with 130/ 120 grams rackets and I was afraid it’s too heavy for me. I could not be wrong more.

It is perfect choice if you want a really powerful, resistant and flexible racket. Wilson nTour nCode is absolutely brilliant racket for touch shots as drop and lob (balanced evenly so you do not feel those 140 g), wonderfully strong for the volleys and drives. Thanks to Power Holes™,  it does not vibrate in your hand and the upper frame really works while you hit the ball. The only racket that is close to that feeling is the newest Prince o3. So, if you are the player with at least 300 hours on court and you want to push your game on a higher level -  put your hands on Wilson nCode nTour racket.

Note - after restringing with Ashaway® PowerNick 18 (11/13 kg) and re-gripping to Karakal PU Super Grip, the racket does weight 160 g! But the even balance of  Wilson nTour nCode racket gives you much better feeling than i.e. Head Liquidmetal 140, when the balance lies on the head and it’s some what “heavier” generally.

P.S. In the range of nCode rackets there are more models available:

  • Wilson n120 g (used by Vicky Botwright and Isabelle Stoehr) - silver
    (Hammer design, Head size 488 cm2)
  • Wilson n130 - white (Hammer design, Head size 488 cm2)
  • Wilson nTour (140g) (red-white), used by Anthony Ricketts,
    Graham Ryding, Peter Barker and Renaud Lavigne
  • Wilson nRage (150g) (black and yellow based on nTour design)
  • Wilson n140 g - red (Hammer design, Head size 488 cm2)
  • Wilson n 145 g - blue (Hammer design, Head size 488 cm2)
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From SquashNorthof60 - 13 Jan 2008 - 09:32

Hey he lium,

I bought an ntour last winter and played with it 2-3 times and went back to technifibre. The racket is basically brand new and I would sell it at a a good price, let me know if you are interested.

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From he_lium - 10 Jan 2008 - 01:12


I've had one of these for about two months.  I play 2-3 times per week to a reasonably high standard, though i'm sitting a little below club team level just now. 

I found the Ncode Tour an amazing racket to play with, brilliant feel and without a doubt the best racket I've owned for effortless control and placement of the ball.  Snatched shots seem to find their way to the back corner with ease and my drop shots and dropped volleys also improved.  Once you get used to the racket there is still a huge amount of power to be found as well.

The only problem.  Just snapped it by playing a wall shot.  I'm not the most careful player but don't abuse rackets either.  The only racket I've broken proir to this was a Prince TTT which seemed to be fualty. I don't consider myself to be a racket abuser, and have heard from others this racket can be a bit fragile.  If I could afford to replace my racket regularly, I don't think I would hesitate to buy a new one. 

So, although I loved the racket, I'm going to switch to a Hot Melt Pro, as I hear they are also great, but very strong. 

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From Hando - 20 Nov 2007 - 12:55   -   Updated: 25 Jan 2008 - 11:50

The Wilson nTour nCode

Had this racket for 2 months and broke it last night. Disappointed since the racket had not been abused and had been used about 10 times. The racket seemed to collapse upon itself at the sight of the powerholes!

Apart from breaking, a great racket, very suprised when it broke from just hitting the ball, and not the wall! Suggest if you are powerful, not to string at the hard end of the range.

Bought a pair of these, so lets see how long the second racket lasts... to be continued

Update; Wilson in China (where I am living!) have agreed to a replacement racket that has yet to be delivered. Replacement will be a different racket as they do not have this in stock.  By the looks of Wilson's revamped website this racket will be phased out.<>cnt_id=10134198673996854&bmLocale=en


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From drop-shot - 15 Mar 2006 - 01:40

if you are still around,
after few experiments with the other Ashaway strings i came to the point where I am playing with recommended Tecnifibre strings... Well, nothing sexy. I expected some magic, but I am missing my white Ashaway SuperNick strings... I gave up stringing with red Ashaway - it got broken every 2 weeks!

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From drop-shot - 23 Jan 2006 - 20:39

I did just restrung it last week for a bit lighter tension. Now it's 10/12kg and I feel it's perfect for my touch game. You are rite, 13/11 was too stiff and too tight. Needles to say - I was forced to restring both of my racketts as I broke the strings (11/13) during the training session ;-)

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From fonseca - 21 Jan 2006 - 06:39

Slavi , I see that you restring your nTour with 11/13 kg , it looks to much for this racket,if you restring with Tecnifiber 305 10.5/11.5Kg you get a much better feeling more power and control , too much pressure takes of a big part of string flexibility and performance.

All the best

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From drop-shot - 17 Jan 2006 - 19:49

Fonseca, thanks for reply and info.

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From fonseca - 17 Jan 2006 - 02:12

Dunlop and tecnifiber are under the rules the anouncement of 510cm or 525cm in dunlops and Tecnifibers are done because they use a inside concave in the frame so if you measure the frame where the strings meet the frame you get this over head numbers but in reality if you measure the frame in the right way  they don't have more than 500cm

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From drop-shot - 10 Jan 2006 - 22:20

It would be soo funny if i.e. Thierry Lincou wins the tournament and then i.e. Anthony Ricketts denounces his racket being oversized towards WSF specifications :-D

P.S. If the players themselves do not know the specification of their rackets (tool), shame on them. The racket is the part of their equipement, tool given to help them do their job... so I hope you were only joking.

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From rippa rit - 10 Jan 2006 - 07:26

Slavi - I doubt if the players themselves know the specs.  Also most players would imagine any racket produced by a recognised company would have already done their home work.
I would be very nervous about promoting a racket that did not meet the international standard.
It would be worth an email to the WSF Standards Committee asking them to either review their rules/spec or police them more closely.
Balls have to be approved, why not rackets?
Good point, so long as you have your facts straight.

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From drop-shot - 09 Jan 2006 - 21:55

... And I was correct in my assumptions again ... Tecnifibre
Carboflex series (used by Atkinson, Lincou are 510 sq cm sized in Head, so the gentlemen from WSF shoould not let them play on the World Squash Federation tourbaments ;-)

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From rippa rit - 06 Jan 2006 - 08:58

Slavi, between you and me, I think the gentlemen at the World Squash Federation could revise their racket specifications, yeah?

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From drop-shot - 05 Jan 2006 - 19:13

Oh, mama!!!! It hurts, 255 grams plus twenty for strings and grip... It becomes as heavy as my tennis racket! and maximum strung area in that document says - 500 sq cms. I know there is a Dunlop racket with 525 sq cms. So you can't use that one in the PSA/ WSF tour, huh?

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From rippa rit - 05 Jan 2006 - 10:38

Slavi it is interesting to read the Racket Spec from the World Squash Federation with racket max weight 255gm - so it is great the sledge hammers have been superseded, eg Super Slugger - ouch my arm!

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From drop-shot - 04 Jan 2006 - 19:32

Hummmm .... I have 2B more careful then :-D

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From raystrach - 04 Jan 2006 - 09:00

don't worry slavi

that was my idea of a joke. in fact i know every detail about you - it is amazing what you can find out on the internet!!! 

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From drop-shot - 04 Jan 2006 - 01:25

Cheers, Ray,
Actualy I do it for living from 15 years. Just check out my profile :-D

Regarding the racket, I am just impressed with the newest Prince o3 racket. It's awesome. Feels so light in my palm, swings like a sword (it's powerful weapon), and it has unique shape - head is really narrow shaped, though it says it's 54% bigger sweatspot :)

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From raystrach - 04 Jan 2006 - 00:24

a very thorough report slavi

you should go into advertising for a living!!

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