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Prince o3 Black v Metallix 130

Published: 30 Aug 2007 - 19:19 by ferris69

Updated: 18 Sep 2007 - 22:16

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About to buy a new racket and wondered if anyone had tried these 2 rackets, if there was much difference and what you'd recommend. I know it's personal preference but interested in people's thoughts.


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From drop-shot - 18 Sep 2007 - 22:16   -   Updated: 18 Sep 2007 - 22:16


Everything is different in the rackets you mentioned, from Head shape, through weight to balance and string pattern, so it is really bizarre to make a comparison.

I am afraid you won't be easily happy with 130 g racket if you got accustomed to 150 g racket - lighter racket requires more finesse touch, racket skills and better control.

If you do not compete in any tournaments or do not need to challenge yourself on any tour, go for it, but be patient and careful.

Bottom line: I'd like to echo my previous posts on rackets' choice; it goes to very personal feelings and impressions, because whilst you become a better player you may switch easily from brand A to brand B and from weight A to weight B.

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From dpiedra - 15 Sep 2007 - 12:19

I've read on several reviews that the Head Metallix 130 is prone to breaking easily ... not sure if the weight comprimises the strength. I am used to using a 15 which is very strong so I am sceptical about jumping down to the 130 given the reviews. Also noticed that Ramy Ashour is not currently using the 130 ... perhaps it needs some tweaking?

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From mlongobard - 07 Sep 2007 - 04:28

I demoed both of these last night. Head felt very light -- too light for me -- and seemed fragile. Nice big sweet spot, though, and better power than I expected given that it's so light.

Prince was stiffer, more powerful, and seemed more durable. If I were buying one, I'd go for the Prince. But after hitting with both, I went back to using my old Sovereign and decided I'd stick with that  -- it felt just as good the new ones to me. When the next generation of racquets rolls out, I'll give them a try, but for this year I'm staying put. 

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