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Need advise n120 or n140 or ntour

Published: 25 Jul 2007 - 08:11 by rar2505

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 16:32

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Please need advise on which of these three wilson would better suit my play. I am new to the squash game (just 1 year) but been playing frequently and my first racket was the HEAD IX Intelligence. I think it is very heavy for me and would like to move to a lighter racket. My style of play are drives mostly and i like to have power. So which one do you recommend the n120, n140 or the ntour. Thanks.

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From rskting - 30 Jul 2007 - 11:52

N120- more powerful for sure. However because of the shape not very stable. Racquet twists and prone to miss hits.

N140- not that much less powerful, but more stable and still can hit quite hard. You should restring both for better power.

Prince is the most powerful racquet I 've had so far- or the Head 130, Head 120/110 racquets. They are very stiff.

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From drop-shot - 28 Jul 2007 - 07:28   -   Updated: 28 Jul 2007 - 07:30

Oh gosh, we discussed that topic here ages ago...

in few words - here's NOT a big difference between n120 and nTour racket. 20 grams? with the balance Head Heavy it means nothing. The Difference is a sweat-spot and that's the challenge for someone with 1 year of experience.
Both of them are demanding regarding your technique (they do not forgive false shots), though nTour gives you incredible power.
Beware of one fact - Head Heavy rackets have stiff frames.
Heads Intelligence were Head Light and much more "flexible".
I think it is NOT good for the newbie to play with the
Head Light racket as it's designed for players with better skills.

P.S. Do not say that your style is "drives mostly", just develop your game , take good care and keep on playing

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