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Published: 18 Dec 2009 - 04:45 by Snowblind

Updated: 19 Dec 2009 - 00:13

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Hi all!

I'm new to this forum and was directed here by a friend.

My squash racket finally gave in yesterday after a nasty impact with the rear wall and has deformed so I need to get a new one.  The current one was a Head raquet that I have grown to like and I'd like to get another Head (unless there's a reason why the current line of Head rackets are substandard?) if possible.  The problem is however, that whilst my current racket was just a cheap buy from a sports shop from a selection of cheap rackets (it's about 2 years old), I'm now a better player and I think I may be able to take advantage of a better racket.

So I've had a look on the head website and there are 9 different types of racket.  I feel a little lost to be honest.  I've heard good things about the Flexpoint models, but there is literally no information about the racket models on the head site aside from a few lines of marketting rubbish for each one (which, if believed, seem to indicate that all of their 9 types of racket are virtually identical *rolls eyes).

Can anyone recommend a racket type that they've found to be good?  I think I have a pretty balanced play style.

Thanks to everyone that takes a look at this post, I appreciate it!

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From KOFFA - 19 Dec 2009 - 00:13

I've been using Head racquets since I started playing seriously a few years ago.  A few of my friends also use these regularly (B-B level players).  However, we would suggest that due to their stiffness you get a few--especially if you are hitting walls at least a few times a week or you are stringing them on the tight side (factory tension as well).  These racquets have a propensity to crack at the upper left and right portions of the head fairly easily (all the newer models since the Ti series).  Regardless, I think they are great--fantastic grip, well balanced and usually have the pro at my club restring them a bit looser before I even use them.


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From hamburglar - 18 Dec 2009 - 13:53

Sounds like you got your money's worth out of your first racket!

Head makes a good range of rackets. They have the teardrop heads and the oval heads. I find the oval heads swing heavier, but pack a good punch, but I prefer the teardrops because they swing faster for me and I find are a little more maneuverable. The 130g or lighter models are fairly durable, the heavier ones maybe even more so.

If you have decent racket control, you shouldn't be smashing walls, but maybe brushing them with light flicks rather than full swings.

I think if you get any decent racket you will get used to it. has a demo program.



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From Snowblind - 18 Dec 2009 - 10:59

Thanks for the reply and the advice!  I'll be sure to practice that technique (though I hope this was more of a freak accident than a soon to be common occurance, this racket has lasted me over a year! ).

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From rippa rit - 18 Dec 2009 - 08:33

Squash court walls are very hard!! When retrieving from the walls, bend and wait for the ball to come out from the wall; if it is still too good say "good shot"; if you attempt a shot just open the racket face (like a knife blade) and scrape it along the wall with a parallel controlled swing, aiming high on the front wall, and that will help save the impact, and bring the ball back to better length.

No matter how good you are, one good impacted hit on the wall can be the end of your dream racket. Get your old racket and practice doing the wall shots as I have suggested.  How?  Just hold the ball high against the wall in your opposite hand, drop it, and do the parallel swing without impacting the wall; just scrape the ball along the got that? Also try throwing the ball soft and low into the corners and boasting...that means lunge, bend, open racket face, swing.

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