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Head - flexpoint 130

Published: 19 Jan 2007 - 23:12 by hothead

Updated: 15 Sep 2007 - 12:39

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I have ordered a flexpoint 130 and it will be delivered to me tomorrow. Any advice on this one? BTW its available for USD87 only,  in India.


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From dpiedra - 15 Sep 2007 - 12:39

I currently use the FP150, but have found that the grip had to be built up and as it was (cushion grip like Karakal or Black Night) it became very solid with very little vibration. The power is great, but I believe that the Metallix gives you a bit more in power.

String do make a huge difference. The Head Performance strings that it came with were great. I've restrung it several times and found differences ... so experiment if you have to.

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From hothead - 23 Mar 2007 - 23:56

I got my flexpoint 130 a week back. here is my review:



good lightweight racket.good power but not of maximum that a racket can generate. a little vibration when ball is hit off the sweet spot. When the ball hits the sweet spot, it gives a very satisfactory feeling. The racket gives great control which is its strong point. Before this i was playing with prince ttt viper and my control has improved with the head racket. it is retailing for us$90 in india and it is worth it.



gives vibrations when the ball does not hit the sweet spot. power not of the highest order.


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From rskting - 17 Feb 2007 - 03:19

I got one but returned it. It is the strongest and stiffest of the head racquets, play much like the old i110, i130 intelligence racquets. good power, same head shape, the holes dont do too much in my opinion.

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From Adz - 19 Jan 2007 - 23:49

If you've already ordered it then why would you need advice?


I'd suggest the same to anyone with a new racquet. Get on court on your own and gently get used to the racquet. If the factory strings don't feel nice then get it restrung. Make sure the grip is the correct size and type. Take your time on your own. Don't go rushing into a match with it, I've seen too many racquets and strings broken by players who unwrap a brand new racquet and then get carried away and break something! Once you're used to it then playing a match will be than tiny bit better!


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