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Metallix 140 - what string should I use?

Published: 05 Dec 2007 - 01:26 by Millercrow

Updated: 03 Feb 2008 - 15:09

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I have just purchased the Metallix 140 and now thinking of cutting out the defult strings and adding new ones. The thing is however, I am unsure  about which strings to add to ensure the best possible performance of this racket.

I was considering Ashaway Powernick18, e-squash PowerFibre, Technifibre 305, Ashaway SuperNick XL...what to use?

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From rskting - 03 Feb 2008 - 15:09

18 gauge too thin for me, as i need a little denses string bed, so i always go 305, not225. dying to try the x-one red. i tried x-one tennis string in my squash racquet, prior to the x-one squash string came out. Found x-one tennis to be tooo stiff and not like 305 at all. wondering if the x-one in tennis and squash is dramatically different? Specs seem to be the same multifilaments, etc.

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From hairoun - 03 Feb 2008 - 07:20

I to have the Metallix 140 and want to restring with the Ashaway Powernick18. What string "tension" do you recommend?

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From ferris69 - 08 Dec 2007 - 01:35

I use a Head metallix 130 and use the tecnifibre X one bi phase which i think is great. Can't tell a massive difference if i'm honest between that and the 225 tecnifibre but it does seem to be lasting a bit longer and looks better in red!!.

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From jimbob1965 - 06 Dec 2007 - 07:49


I have just restrung my Dunlop M-Fil Tour with X-One and it is loads better.  I therefore went and bought 3 sets off EBay for future restringings.  Got 3 sets for just £30 via auction bidding, which is way less than you would pay elsewhere, with a free pack of Tecnifibre synthetic gut thrown in to boot (as the price reached £30 or more).  There is also a specialist squash seller on EBay doing them for £12 per pack via Buy it Now with free postage, which is also a good deal.



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From nickhitter - 06 Dec 2007 - 05:01

well I have tried so many different strings. Out of boredom more than anything. but what's always interesting is that when I'm gonna be playing an important match, I always go with my racket with tecnifibre 305 in. I don't know why I just keep going back to that string.

I'm gonna try the x-one bi-phase next. maybe that will pull me away from my trusty 305!


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From hamburglar - 06 Dec 2007 - 03:25

you can't go wrong with the 305 or the Powernick18, just string the Powernick18 a little looser than the other ones.  I prefer, 225, Powernick18, 305, in that order.

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From mike - 05 Dec 2007 - 08:40

Technifibre multifillament (305). The same for any racquet ;)

Apart from these, and the native strings that came with my Karakal and Head racquets I've only used the Technifibre single fillament, and Ashaway Supernick.

The Ashaways play fine, but they lasted about half the time of the Technifibre.

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