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Head rackets

Published: 30 Jul 2007 - 02:06 by hothead

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 16:32

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After 3 months I have broken my Head Flexpoint 130. I had banged it on the wall with full force so most probably fault lies with me. But My Liquid metal 150 also broke down in 3-4 months. Whereas a Prince TT viper has served me for about an year now.
A few other players had also mentioned that head rackets are more prone to breakage. Is it true? What are your views?

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From nickhitter - 01 Aug 2007 - 07:47

The most durable rackets are karakal and dunlop muscleweave /hot melt models. Ice models were not quite as durable. Wilson aren't bad, neither are Prince (apart from the delicate O3 range) Have used 3 different Head rackets and all have had the tensile strength of a crisp so can't recommend them. Although the word is they have improved this with the metallix range.

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From Daren - 31 Jul 2007 - 19:03

I agree, Heads are a nice racquet but they break too easily.


Karakal is tough.


I'm keen to try a Dunlop, been playing with an old hire racquet Dunlop and loving it. I wonder how tough the new ones are.

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From mike - 30 Jul 2007 - 09:53

In my limited experience the Heads can be pretty fragile.
I have an old Ti Powerzone 170 which has lasted very well, but I've broken both a Flexpoint 150 and a Metallix 130 with minor and moderate wall impacts respectively.

In both cases the raquets cracked at the top "corner". They were still playable, but once the strings break they cannot be restrung.

I'm trying a Karakal one now, on recommendation from a pro shop and so far so good. Only had it for a month though.

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From rippa rit - 30 Jul 2007 - 08:22

neeraj - Yep, the walls are not kind to rackets.
Put in a search "Head rackets" and you will get several replies on the Head range etc. 
Also, after that, go to the Gear Forum and have a squiz.
If you then have a question or an answer tell us about it.

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