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The benefits of gym

Published: 22 Jan 2005 - 09:04 by rippa rit

Updated: 30 Oct 2007 - 17:00

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip

Balancing of the body is an important part of our physical conditioning, irrespective of age, or sports participation. Attending a gymnasium or setting up a strength circuit is one way to approach this problem. If you don't use it you lose it, so they say!

Unless we can play squash using both our arms/hands it is impossible to develop equal strength on both the left hand and right hand sides of the body.

 In fact when I was on court a lot coaching (I am right handed) the only way to save my muscle tension was to use my left hand whenever possible. The methods for the coaching of the strokes definitely work! Wooh! However, there was limited power in the shots, proving the strength was not there.

Playing with the opposite hand is a fun thing to do. It is good therapy - pity about the volleying, it was a disaster for me
Give it a try, you will now be more sympathetic towards your child's learning! Be patient.
 There are many advantages in good muscle/body balance and muscle strength, ie:

    •  Prevention of injury.

    • The strength in the muscles will support the joints.

    •  Repetitive movements in sport can cause RSI.

    • Over time the predominant side of the body tends to pull the spine and hips out of alignment causing unnecessary wear and tear on the joints.

    • Enhances performance.

    • Makes you feel good.

    • Assists maintain body weight, and good health.

    • Adds variety to the exercise regime.

 If a gymnasium is not financially viable, and convenient, it is possible to set up a strength circuit at home or at the squash courts, using your own body as the tool, without the fancy equipment.

  •  A skipping rope, a step-up, hand weights, and the like will add a few more stations to the workout.

  • Maybe get your playing partner to join in and make it more competitive.

Try it!  Tell us about it.

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From drop-shot - 18 Feb 2005 - 15:49

... All of your words are true, but beeing an amateur does it mean beeing a lame, nope? Why everybody thinks that if I am only "weekend player" I do not have to do that at my best or at least properly. Then In my opinion, you are not playing game squash but just pretending. Playing that you are playing. Then, philosophical kind of question - how much devotion it requires to become "proffesional"? Not in squash, but in life?

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From rippa rit - 18 Feb 2005 - 07:59

Slavi - You asked to put my hand up for a sprained ankle. I did sprain my ankle just once in new sandshoes, which I then threw away (no, I used them in the garden). Shoes are a very personal item for squash. Unfortunately gym does help prevent injury, but does not help stupidity! Your physical prep seems spot on, so you have got that right by the sound of it. Slavi as an amateur it is hard to devote time to every detail, in such detail, eg physical, mental, skill, tactics, etc - ideally all of these things play a part in the match preparation. Don't give up your job, but keep plodding ahead methodically and it will all fit like a jigsaw some day ---- soon! Once you establish a routine it will become
automatic and in perfect timing. Must say, I envy fit squash players, and with my knowledge; well, I'd set the world on fire!! Kidding...

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From drop-shot - 17 Feb 2005 - 17:52

Ok, let me jump on this subject as nobody yet replied.
In my opinion - general fitness and coditional preparation are the basic preconditions to play a game called squash. At least on a decent level, I do not mean "weekend players" here... The further I go the more I want from Squash, and this requires some more extraordinary effort from me. So, squash is not about running around the court for 60 minutes without any warm-up and warm-down. Now, when I enter the court, I am always prepared. What does it mean? At lest 40 minutes spent in fitness room and ca.15 minutes spent on stretching. You might say - too much, I say - enough, As Rita says - it makes me fel good, my body and heart are prepared for extraordinary effort in the forthcoming 60 minutes. After several hits I do not feel any pain in arms, elbow nor knees. Think how many times it happened to you? Please, rise your hand if you have had sprained ankle while palying a game. Woooow... A forest of hands ... If you want to be better player, you better go to gym centre as squash is more than activity on court, technique and rules. At least this is my way of living. Being an amateur player with no more than 1 year of experience and I can play with C/B group players without shame.

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