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When to attack

Published: 05 Dec 2005 - 14:04 by rippa rit

Updated: 18 Nov 2006 - 14:02

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip
The fundamental player skills required to varying the tactics "knowing when and what to attack" are, firstly, being conscious of what is happening on the court, and knowing if the plan, if any, is actually working. 

To be able to vary a game plan means being able to play both attacking and defensive shots, as follows:
  • Being able to play soft and controlled strokes, and attacking shots simultaneously/alternately
  • Being aware as to when to play which shot.
What does that mean?
  • At an average level of play games tend to follow a pattern of, eg both players hitting hard during a rally irrespective of the ball or player positioning or, if one player slows down, the tempo of the rallies tend to die down.
A player cannot expect to just say to themselves "only attack the loose ones" if they have never really trained to do this.
To test these skills attempt the following pair training:-
  1.  Rally down the forehand wall
    •  A- Attacks to length (volley the ball if possible to length)
    •  B-Defends to length (Volley the ball if possible to length)
    •  Either player to boast only if absolutely necessary to keep the rally going.
  2.  Both players hit to length, the only short shot is a boast.
  3.  Rally down the wall, controlled, attack any shot that is 1m from the side wall (always volley if possible)
It may take three weeks of disciplined training to put the above training routines in place.
I would suggest to train on both forehand as well as backhand sides, and each routine for 10 minutes every time you go on court.
Let me know what affect these 3 training routines have on your play, and what affect you notice in your opponent's play?
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