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Hit early or late

Published: 19 Jan 2008 - 17:11 by rippa rit

Updated: 20 Jan 2008 - 20:49

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip

We hear some confusing advice at times.  Something like this, "move in and take the ball early"; then we hear "give yourself time to get back into position" and these are really opposing statements.  So what does that really mean, and how can we make sense of that? Sounds like attack?.

Take the ball early can be interpreted to mean:

  • no hesitation
  • minimise the time delay in executing the shot
  • move forward
  • compact stroke
  • use the opponent's pace

This is about limiting the amount of time the opponent has to recover into position and get ready to prepare for the next shot.

Take the ball late (sometimes there is no option). Is that defence?

  • out of position
  • sacrifice power for accuracy
  • opponent guessing shots
  • deceive opponent
  • controlled placement
  • nervous hesitant
  • don't know what to do
  • being too careful

Turn defence into attack is the ideal thing to achieve.

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