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Squash Clothing

  • Squash clothing must be absorbent, and comfortable and allow freedom of movement when striking and bending to retrieve the ball.
  • The clothing regulations for competition are set by the World Squash Federation. This link covers accessories including  shoes, jewellery, etc.
  • Some clothing worn, including trac suits and  sponsorship advertising  may be written into the tournament terms and conditions and be intrepreted by the Tournament Controller.
  • Any colours can be worn for headbands, wristbands, eyewear, shorts, shirt.
  • The ettiquette of the game requires that men wear a shirt or singlet, as perspiration can be offensive to other players.


  • It is recommended a sports sock that has a thick sole be used to prevent movement in the shoe, as this movement may cause blisters.
  • Take the socks when buying a pair of squash shoes, to make sure they are the correct size,as they will be considerably thicker than a normal nylon sock.


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