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Getting ready to take to the court!

Once children have progressed through a range of agility, and movement games, ball bouncing and catching activities, and hitting drills, they will be have the confidence, and be competent to join in racket and ball games on a court.

The level at which the children compete will depend on their age, and the type of ball and equipment they can manage successfully.

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Forehand Drills

Chose equipment relative to the age and skill level of the child.
The smaller the ball the more difficult theskill.

Key teaching points for the forehand hit:
  • Shoulder to the target.
  • Control the wrist which will in turn control the racket head.
  • Watch the ball.
  • Bounce the ball to start off the drill.

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Backhand Drills

The backhand swing resembles the action of throwing a frisbee.

Key teaching points:
  • Shoulder to the target.
  • Control the wrist which will control the racket head.
  • Watch the ball.

For those with difficulty starting off the drill, throw the ball up and let it bounce before attempting to swing.

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Serving Drills

Start with bouncing the ball to serve.
Then practice throwing the ball up to get the idea of the ball toss.
Now throw the ball up and underarm hit the ball.

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