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psalive News coverage for the British Open

Published: 15 Sep 2006 - 08:53 by rippa rit

Updated: 08 Oct 2006 - 04:39

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News Release from  PSALIVE

Dear Squash Fan,

GREAT NEWS! is delighted to announce that we will be streaming all matches LIVE form Round 1 of the Dunlop British Open, Nottingham, UK.

 Round 1 starts on 15th September 2006 with the first match beginning at 12.00 (local time).  This world renowned tournament has no fewer than 5 former World #1's including the current World #1 Amr Shabana.  David Palmer arrives fresh from his fabulous Al Ahram World Open victory earlier this month but will have to contend with fellow countryman and defending Champion Anthony Ricketts. 

 All round 1 matches will be LIVE on with our pick of the day matches between Shabana v White (15.00) and Beachill v Lincou (19.00). 

 White returns to Nottingham where he lived for five years but will have to be back at his best to beat the talented Shabana.  These two players last met in the quarter of the Virtual Spectator Bermuda Masters where Shabana won in four, in a tournament he later went on to win.  However, White still has the upper hand leading Shabana 2-1 in head to heads.   

 Beachill is yet to beat Lincou in a PSA World Tour ranking event and had 7 match points against Lincou in the Brit Insurance Super Series Finals 2005 but lost in five.  Lincou is a player in hot form, only losing to Amr Shabana and recently David Palmer this year and won the opening tournament of the year, the Mamut English Open 2006, in great style.   

 Eyes will also be on Ong Beng Hee who will be looking to put the defending British Open champion out for the second year in a row after the match that took 2 days last year in Manchester, when he beat David Palmer in 5 after an injury break. In Round 1 here, he has drawn Anthony Ricketts following his final qualification win over Davide Bianchetti. 

 15th September matches (Local times, Nottingham, England)

12.00: Nick Matthew v Stewart Boswell

13.00: James Willstrop v Mohd Azlan Iskander

14.00: Karim Darwish v Peter Barker

15.00: Amr Shabana v John White

17.00: Chris Simpson v David Palmer

18.00: Ong Beng Hee v Anthony Ricketts

19.00: Lee Beachill v Thierry Lincou

20.00: Mohammed Abbas v Gregory Gaultier

 Reserve your seat for the Dunlop British Open 2006 with all main draw matches NOW available to BOOK on   You will also be able to watch matches as high-res replays shortly afterwards or order PSALIVE.TV Live and Uncut DVDs from our website to re-live the excitement again and again.

Dates: 15th - 18th September 2006

We look forward to seeing you there!

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From adrian@psalive.t - 08 Oct 2006 - 04:39

Wow a lot of stuff going on here - As I've been covering women's rugby in canada, things like this have to take a back seat - anyone having any problems just email or post to the forum.

Any problems on fast forwarding are always down to the full file not being downloaded and we have seen a few firefox issues recently. Sorry for tripping you over your download limit Rippa - the flies can be 500Mb or more depending on the length of the match.

Always a learning curve on anything new but I'm glad you are enjoying watching top quality squash. Anything important that comes up, please pass onto them that they can email support.

All the best

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From rippa rit - 25 Sep 2006 - 07:49   -   Updated: 25 Sep 2006 - 16:13

steve - I use firefox so who knows that could have something to do with it too....don't know.
So the plot thickens.  My internet was slow and my VOIP gone haywire too, so I defraged, etc and still things did not improve.  Aaah I rang "support" and the reason "you are over your download limit" aaah so the penny dropped, the videos and music take up lots of download space, and the server put me onto dial-up speed or increase your PLAN.  No thanks, was my reply. 
This will explain what the messing about with the downloads was doing, and then the last match Matthew v Lincou obviously broke the camels back (it was a big file and with lots of stuff I did not want to look at too boot!!).  Other question is that this would have probably had some bearing on the hiresplus download too.  In future,  I must just download one match a month I reckon and check my internet usage too in future before continuing to try to get the stuff to work.  Also check out the size of the file before I start.
Now, next question, would this have prevented the fast-forward from working I do not know.
One has to just about think of everything.
I think I will put all of this down to experience...

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From stevo - 24 Sep 2006 - 22:52

That sorted my problem out (the file being incomplete). I downloaded using IE instead of firefox (not sure if the browser would make any difference) and monitored the download. The file ended up being the full size.

So I suggest that could be the problem with other hiresplus files. Probably because the file is larger there is more potential for something to go wrong,

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From stevo - 24 Sep 2006 - 10:25

It seems my Lincou Palmer hiresplus file was incomplete, so the download failed twice. Perhaps that is the problem with your hiresplus files?

I am attempting to download again.

Adrian helped find the problem as he posted the file size on the psa live forum.

Double check the file size of files that wont fast forward.

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From Daren - 24 Sep 2006 - 07:33

If by 'impress' you mean 'keep customers' then yeah, I agree. Perhaps a credit for the offending files is in order. At least an addressing of the problem.

You still out there Adrian? 


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From rippa rit - 23 Sep 2006 - 19:56

Daren - the hiresplus is the problem and keeps loading all the time so there is no fast forward capability so that is useless to it looks like the 1pound 5 deal is the way to go....pity but I have wasted more than 8 hours to try and view Lincou/Matthew match, and then watch it as I would like...that is not satisfactory to me at all...just annoying. 

So if psalive wants to impress they need to answer the problems and assure us it is ok to use hiresplus.

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From stevo - 22 Sep 2006 - 12:51   -   Updated: 22 Sep 2006 - 13:40

I have the hires version of Lincou Gaultier and it fast forwards OK as well. So yes, perhaps it is hires plus that is the problem.

I much prefer the plus versions, easier to see the ball. The normal versions can get a bit blurry, especially when changing cameras it takes a while to refocus.

I am getting a bit pissed, it has been 3 days and no response from them. They are normally quite good but I have had a few problems recently that haven't been resolved. A couple of matches I streamed kept "communicating" and so my time limit to watch them expired before I got to see the last match. I never got a response and never got to see the end of the matches. Hence the reason I started using the download and own facility. Now this

EDIT: This forum doesn't like plus signs

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From Daren - 22 Sep 2006 - 12:21   -   Updated: 22 Sep 2006 - 12:25

Hi Steve, I just downloaded the Lincou Matthews final (Hi-Res $1.50) I have no problem fast forwarding it.

Could it be that its the Hi-Res( ) is the problem ?? Maybe its just hit and miss?


I asked a computer guru and he agreed with you that its something to do with how they encode it.

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From stevo - 22 Sep 2006 - 11:09


This is the first download I have had this problem with. I normally skip the intro (especially anytime Rob "the voice of squash" Edwards is speaking) and the gap between games.

The funny thing is, if I watch say 20 minutes, rewind a wee bit, I can fast forward but only to the 20 minute mark, not beyond.

It must be something to do with how they encode the files. Not that I know anything in the slightest about that.

They better fix, it is a waste of £ 2.50 otherwise.

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From Daren - 22 Sep 2006 - 10:53

Rita and Steve I know your pain  

I CAN fast forward no problems on these matches

  • 1997-10-02__british_open_1997_-_semis_and_final_hiresplus
  • 2006-08-17_david_palmer_peter_nicol_quarter-final_hires
  • 2006-09-06_david_palmer_gregory_gaultier_final_hires
  • 2006-09-15_amr_shabana_john_white_round_1_hires

I CANT fast forward on these it freezes

  • British Open 2005 semi-final Power- Willstrop HiRes
  • Squash Toc 2005 1-4Final (Palmer-Power)


So Rita and Steve, do you own any of the above that I CAN fast forward? if so, can you fast forward on these aswell?


I couldnt find anything on the PSA forum, any word on this Adrian?


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From stevo - 22 Sep 2006 - 09:57

I have the same problem with the Palmer Lincou match, it won't fast forward at all. I think they have stuffed something up when making these files.

It is a real pain, I watched the first three games then had to stop watching (it was getting late) and now I have to sit through the first 45 minutes again.

I raised this issue on the forum, raised a support issue and emailed support, so far no response.

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From rippa rit - 22 Sep 2006 - 09:23

Daren - I am pleased you are taking this journey through the psalive with me otherwise I would have given up, no patience!
So it took about 4/5 hours to download the match "Download and Buy" as I said of the Matthew v Lincou match and then when I went to watch it last night I did not want to listen to all the guff by the commentators (their voice I could hardly hear anyway) but just make up my own mind about the match (stubborn).
So I tried three times to fast forward and each time it just froze the screen and it would only work if I started at the beginning and let it go through the whole I was a bit turned-off with that since it is a long match....a bit like when you video a program on TV you can then fast forward through the ads and it takes half the time to watch..

I have sent an email to psalive support to see what they say....I guess the way it works is ok if you are working and let it run and just pop ya head into the screen every now and then, but if you want to get the gist of a match, the tactics, the whole feeling of what is going on you have to stay focussed on it, yeah!  Hey, I don't wanna sit for hours.

I will let you know if I get  a reply/solution to my question. 

By the way the quality of the colours and close up was better, but maybe not necessary, remember I have not seen them hit a ball yet, except a little clip of Matthew practising with his coach.

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From Daren - 21 Sep 2006 - 22:39

ok, so you did the download and own. Thats strange that it tries to connect to somewhere when you try and watch it again. You'd think if it was on your computer you should just be able to open it from there.


Let me know what you think of the final, Im still contemplating which to download next. I downloaded one of the older ones from the archive from 97 and watched Jansher Kahn play, its a pity its not the full match though. I would love to see more of his matches.

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From rippa rit - 21 Sep 2006 - 16:40   -   Updated: 21 Sep 2006 - 16:42

Daren - Thanks - yeah we have thought about the emails but it should appear in the "recent post replies" immediately, so that is why we have not done that....this psalive thread of course is not usually happening in the Squash News so that has made it a bit different.

OK about the download. 
The one I referred to which was Palmer and Lincou I hit this tab:
Download Hi-Res (214 MB) £ 1.50
The one I have downloaded last night (final match Matthew and Lincou) and half of today was the one underneath, ie
Download Hi-Res (597 MB) £ 2.50
as I just wanted to try it (to see if the extra cost was worth it), but hey the download time was extraordinary about 4/5 hours, so I have not been able to watch it since it all took so long.

I will let you know though.  It would want to be good for all that time to get downloaded.

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From Daren - 21 Sep 2006 - 09:29

Rita for some reason I didnt see this thread again till now, it would be good if emails were sent when a thread was replied too.

As for the downloads, Rita,  when you click on the (R) for the match you want and the box comes up with the below -tell me which of the buy buttons you clicked?

-To watch
Dunlop British Open 2006
1/2 final     17-09-2006

Hi-Res £ 0.50
Hi-Res £ 1.00
Download Hi-Res (214 MB) £ 1.50
Download Hi-Res (597 MB) £ 2.50



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From adrian@psalive.t - 21 Sep 2006 - 06:07

Thanks for the White Dive tip Daren - I missed that.

Glad your enjoying the coverage - some brilliant matches that just show what a fantastic sport squash is ! With no TV coverage, those matches would have been lost to the world and I'm so pleased that we have them and there is going to be a brilliant DVD package coming up to beat all DVD packages - Both British Open Semis and the Final plus the Brilliant World Open Final for only £30 ($55 US).

Of course you can download the matches - it costs a little more but thats what most people do - you own them forever on your PC and can watch whenever you wish - plus you don't get the communmicating thing either - note there is an easy fix for this in tips and tricks just press pause and let the whole match loadup).

Rita - can you make this forum email you when someone else posts - I'd come here more often if I knew someone else was posting into the topic.

Some Junior Squash coming next week plus the European Club Champs from Sweden.

Bye all


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From rippa rit - 19 Sep 2006 - 22:27

psalive - very good coverage of the match between Lincou and Palmer, pity about the inconsistent refereeing.  I thought Palmer must have been God in the first two games as he could do anything and get a let for it irrespective of where the ball was heading or how much room he was given.
Full credit to Lincou who tried everything and kept going, eg slowed the pace in the 3rd game and improved length, served higher, took away the rhythm that Palmer preferred, hit cross courts to keep Palmer off his back.  He played  very deliberate and controlled with his strokes. Yes, and he did try to play the ball even if  at times he had to move around and wait for his opponent to move. Just imagine the sort of game it could have been if Lincou asked for a let every time he wanted a wide berth to strike the ball.
Yep, it is a very close non-contact sport!
In fact, I believe Palmer got a bit unnerved when the Ref challenged his requests for a let in the fifth game.  The game may have not been so long and drawn out if that had been stamped out early in the match.
It is a pity there can only be one winner as there is not much separating these top Men.

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From rippa rit - 18 Sep 2006 - 22:11   -   Updated: 19 Sep 2006 - 20:01

Daren - thanks for your help at least I am able to view something of the matches.
Yes, it all worked as I said, but then when I wanted to go back and have a look at the file, it started this communicating stuff again as though the file was not there that I downloaded and it was just like waiting for the replay.... so... beats me.  Also because of the name of the file I could not recognise which was which (though I see now the file at least has the names of the player on them which is useful to identify what you are opening, etc.).

So about how to save the download so you can go view it again or close it down and come back to it without having to go through the "communicting" stuff all over, and without starting all over again, but resume where you want to?

So the download of Palmer v Lincou says towards the end of game two that it can be downloaded later, so then I get this part download so then how does that work, do I have to sit through the download for another hour?

Thanks for your help with this stuff Daren - and I hope Adrian is listening too!! Good fun, brrrrrrrrrr
How come this did not come come into the Forum Replies for you to see I do not know I will update and see what happens.

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From rippa rit - 18 Sep 2006 - 07:43

Daren - the freshness will help alot and I think that is going to give Palmer the edge in this tournament.  With matches lasting around 57 minutes on court as opposed to 70/80 makes a big difference over a tough tournament schedule.

Looking at the results of the quarters there is not alot of difference in the fellas with all the five setters.

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From Daren - 17 Sep 2006 - 21:41

no prob rippa rit.


yeah, those recovery shots when Whitey does the splits make me cringe everytime


so any tips for who will take out the tournament? Matthews' had an easy run to the semis, so has Palmer..



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From rippa rit - 17 Sep 2006 - 20:48

Daren - thanks for those instructions on the download/buy of the matches.   I have just watched the Shabana/White match. It all worked perfectly and of course it did take over an hour to download. I had not been using the refresh button after selecting the match so your a-z procedure was really helpful, and of course I had already downloaded Real Player Gold.

 Yes, it was heaps better to just be able to fast forward etc so that will be how I will do it in future I guess. 

John has the rare ability to recover the ball from laying out like a lizard and he did some really good recovery shots.  They were both showing tiredness in the fifth game with those extra lets creeping in. 

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From Daren - 17 Sep 2006 - 18:19

theres an awesome rally at 11 all in the 2nd - about 38 minutes in.


the dive is at 7 all in the 4th - about 1 hour 8 mins in - watch the replay - amazing.

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From adrian@psalive.t - 17 Sep 2006 - 14:11

When is the dive - at what point in the match - must have been during a part I fast forwarded



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From Daren - 17 Sep 2006 - 08:12

White's dive in the Shabana game was .. !


I'm tipping Palmer for the title.

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From Daren - 16 Sep 2006 - 11:57

Oh, I see the replays are available straight away  thanks, downloading WHITE v Shabana now


Rita, this is how I got to download the White match

- at PSALIVE, - click on Matches

 -then from the dropdowns, select either Amr Shabana(or other player of choice) from the players dropdown or British Open 2006(or other tourny of choice) from the tournies dropdown, then , once selected, next to the dropdowns, click the REFRESH button

- a list of matches will come up with the player or tourny you selected, look for the one you want then click on (R) (replay) next to it


-a box will come up that allows you to buy the streaming ($0.50) or buy the download and own ($1.00)  - click BUY next to the ($1.00) so you can download and own and watch the game as many times as you want. (unless you're really really cheap or cant afford it )


- next a box will come up that says DOWNLOAD AND OWN or DOWNLOAD LATER - click on DOWNLOAD AND OWN and the download should commence. (takes me about an hour or so.)

thats how Ive been doing it with no problems.

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From adrian@psalive.t - 16 Sep 2006 - 10:39   -   Updated: 16 Sep 2006 - 10:39

Hi Guys,

Can I make this forum post me an email when someone replies ? Otherwise I may not come back and check.

White v Shabana is up and is a download - I think it's pretty simple and just take your time and once you've cracked it then you're laughing. I'm downloading it myself to watch later - I'd never have though White would beat Shabana but the news was that White played a different game - I need to see this.

Download and Own were brought out for this situation where you are not reliant on your internet connection being perfect and so you simple download at your leisure. There is a full support area under the members button and you can email with a particular problem if something goes wrong. The Tips and Tricks section covers 95% of problems to be honest though.

You'll always get an answer if you post on the psalive forum and quickly so please persevere.

I love this site with all the topics you have going. Being independent is fantastic !



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From rippa rit - 16 Sep 2006 - 09:50

Adrian - good to see you are able to answer questions on psalive.  So far many of us in Aussie, and maybe other places with the time difference, have I find it is hit and miss trying to look at a match and really am not sure how to stop getting so frustrated with it, just give up and log out...and this happened as I was wanting to watch a replay of John White's match that Slavic reported, but no luck, just heaps of icons with heaps of stuff that lead me no where and did not answer any of my questions.
Like Daren how far behind the matches are the replays available?
It says do you want to download and I said yes, and then nothing, so yes I am not very good at this RealPlayer stuff so half of it is my dummy skills too......

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From Daren - 16 Sep 2006 - 09:13

"If TV cannot be bothered with squash then let's do it ourselves and let the TV companies cover great sports like WWE."

Great stuff Adrian. This is the future anyway (internet). All the best with your site, its a great resource. You should get that forum happening too - I can see PSALIVE becoming hugely popular.


BTW - is the White/Shabana 1st round match going to be available for download and own? Seems like it was a good match.

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From rippa rit - 16 Sep 2006 - 07:53   -   Updated: 16 Sep 2006 - 07:59

Adrian - thanks for identifying yourself.  I am not sure how much of this forum you have followed or if you have gone through the Forum Archives.  Anyway we have just had discussions on replays so here is the link

Sometimes our topic headings in the Forum get a bit off track as a result the subject matter does not always keep specific to the topic.

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From drop-shot - 16 Sep 2006 - 05:38   -   Updated: 16 Sep 2006 - 05:38

... Needles to say, White-Shabana match was spectacular. Dive from White will be soon in the hall of fame 

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From adrian@psalive.t - 16 Sep 2006 - 05:15


This is Adrian here from PSALIVE - I'm always up for improvements to the service and I did not realise how much the site was talked about until Slav told me the looks here.

Hope you are all enjoying the service - Some great action from British Open today - I'm watching live as Lee Beachill and Thierry Lincou slog it out with James Willstrop on commentary - squash heaven (and I'm in Canada at the moment)

If TV cannot be bothered with squash then let's do it ourselves and let the TV companies cover great sports like WWE.

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