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beginners using yellow spot balls.

Published: 08 Aug 2016 - 05:40 by alf1956

Updated: 08 Aug 2016 - 05:40

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 I have ben playing squash for 30 years & as i near 60 yrs old we now play with a red spot ball to give us better rallies rather than us go over to the dark side which is raquet ball! I am amazed by the number of beginners who are playing with a yellow dot or a duoble yellow dot ball. I have pointed out in a nice friendly way that they will benefit greatly if they use a faster ball but they say thanks but the next time i watch them before we go on court they are still using  ayellow dot & it is obviously still very cold as it is hardly bouncing. Has anybody else experienced this?

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I am currently trying to adjust my basic swing technique based on the advice given here and throughout this brilliant website

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