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Published: 14 Mar 2015 - 06:40 by squash92

Updated: 06 Apr 2020 - 07:40

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 Hi all, 

I am new to squash (a beginner) and I am looking to purchase a new racket. I am undecided between the 

Dunlop Biomimetic Pro Lite Squash Racket

and the 

Head MicroGel Power Eclipse Squash Racket

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 



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From rippa rit - 05 Dec 2019 - 14:53   -   Updated: 05 Dec 2019 - 17:33

Our search feature should be helpful.

There are articles about rackets. There is a forum archive especially to help our members find information. Our library also has lots of advice re the strokes, tactics, trouble shooting and the like.


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From hamburglar - 09 Dec 2018 - 22:30

As a new player, any heavy racket would be fine. A heavy head slows down your swing a little so you can work on technique, and more importantly will be more durable in case you hit the walls with the frame.


Head rackets tend to have larger, rectangular handles, so if you’re coming from tennis, that may help.

i started with Head and now prefer Prince, but manufacturers are always changing things and not always for the better.


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From jameswong12 - 01 Oct 2018 - 02:55

I guess I want to ask this question here. I am a really newbie player. So for a newbie player, what is the most important thing? Lighter racket or heavier racket? Of course lighter racket would be nice for me, but maybe expert here has more good answer.

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From raystrach - 18 Mar 2015 - 08:43

i have not had experience with either of these rackets although they do appear similar in quality.

the head racket appears to be of a newer style of construction, so that may have some bearing on what you decide.

depending on how often you are playing, i think the main thing to look for as a beginner is durability.

generally head and dunlop would genrally be similar in the reputation for durability.

i would be interested in hearing if any others who have one of these rackets say about this aspect of the rackets.



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I gotta say that I love the prompt replies on this forum..

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