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Tournament Organisation

Organising a competition at club level can be a big job.  The amount of work will depend on many factors:

  • The number of entries/participants
  • The variation in standard of play (grading)
  • The number of courts available
  • The time frame
  • Resources available
  • Sponsorship

If you have never been involved in organising a competition/tournament previously and intend to expand into an Open Tournament, it is a good idea to run a few localised comps before hand to gain some experience.

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Event Organisation

Individual Event
When organising a competition, particularly if it is of any magnitude and involves various grades, the grading is very important to the success of the event.  The more entries the easier the organisation. 

It is desirable that each player have at least 3 matches per day and in the case of timed squash up to 6 per day.

Keep the players busy with playing or scoring.

Team Event
A Round Robin is one of the easiest ways to conduct a competition whether it be for teams or individuals.

If time is an important factor it will be easier to manage if each match is played to a time, eg first to 31 points for each match, and the score could end up being 20-31; or, timed squash, say, number of points won in 15 minutes.

The winner of the division will be the players with the most points.
It is then possible to have a final play-off between each division.
PARS Scoring (point a rally) will also be the best scoring format for this event.

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Individual Events
The following formats are often used:

  • Open, incorporating
  • A Plate Event (minimum 2 matches).
  • A Plate Event and Consolation Plate (minimum 3 matches).
  • Special Plate for losers of the quarter final matches.
  • Graded Divisions (A, B, C)
  • Handicap

Types of Scoring

  • Best of 3/5 games to 15 points.
  • Handicap (first to 31 points)
  • Timed (number of points won in 15 minutes)

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Sorting out the entries

Grading Individuals
When organising a competition, particularly if it is of any magnitude and involves various grades, sorting out the grading is very important to the success of the event.
If there are previous results/records that will make the job easier for the Selectors.  If there are no records it would be an idea to implement a Challenge Ladder/Board prior to the tournament being scheduled.

Graded Divisions
If there is enough players it is best to grade the players and then have a cut-off for each division. It is better to have divisions of 6 or 8 players in each. All the better if they are of similar standards.

Where there is a big difference in standard of play, and not enough to divide the players into equal divisions, the handicap system could work well.  The best player may be on Scratch or even a minus number; the lowest player on, say, plus 6.

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Score Sheets

The Score Sheet used will depend on what format the Tournament Committee/Organiser decides, eg PARS Scoring, International Scoring.

The number of points on the score sheet will vary depending on the format, eg

  • Point a Rally (PARS) which can apply to, eg:
  • Best of 3/5 games to 15 points.
  • Handicap (first to 31 points)
  • Timed (number of points won in 15 minutes)

Here is a link to a Score Sheet.

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Round Robin

8 Player Round Robin

Here is an example of a Round Robin Draw Sheet to suit eight players.
If a sponsor is involved it is a good touch to put the sponsor's logo on the draw and score sheets.

No. Name Games Points

Order of Play:

1 v 8 3 v 5 1 v 4 2 v 1
2 v 3 2 v 7 6 v 2 4 v 3
4 v 5 6 v 1 3 v 8 6 v 5
7 v 6 8 v 4 7 v 5 8 v 7


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4 Team Draw & Result Sheet

4 Team Draw and Results Sheet


Swingers Goodlookers







Smarty Pants Angels

















Reserves Phone Nos.

















Week Date Team Draw Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
1              1v2      3v4        
2   1v3      2v4        
3   1v4      2v3        
4   1v2      3v4        
5   1v3      2v4        
6   1v4      2v3        
    Total Points        


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Tournament Budget

It will be necessary to work out a budget for the conducting of all competitions, especially if trophies are to be awarded. 

Budget items, eg

  • Court hire
  • Balls
  • Trophies/Prizes
  • Presentation
  • Printing
  • Phone calls
  • Advertising/Promotion

Sponsorship is a great help to the running of a competition.

Be sure to put the sponsor's logo on all the materials used in the tournament, eg draw sheets, score sheets, etc.

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Duties of the Committee

Once a Tournament Convenor is appointed it is a good idea to then form a Sub-Committee consisting of:

  • Grading Committee
  • Tournament Referee
  • Publicity Officer (if applicable)
  • Results Secretary
  • Media Officer
  • Finance Officer
  • Social Convenor

It may be necessary for these Committee Members to then form sub-committees so a band of workers are available to assist on the day.

Nomination/Registration Forms
If the centre/club has a website it will be possible to promote entries and entry fees on-line.
Fliers and/or brochures and posters as well as registration forms need to be available giving full details to all members, including the competition format, and conditions of entry, starting time and finals presentation times, etc.

Score Sheets
It will be necessary to have score sheets specially designed for the competition showing the number of points, the recording of the points, the winner and loser.

Recording Results
For weekend competition the results need to be entered on the board immediately after each game by a Recording Officer appointed to do the job.

If the competition is going on for several weeks players like to know their position within the competition immediately and it is important to post them on the website or post on the Notice Board as soon as possible to keep interest in the competition.

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Check List and Responsibilities


  • Type of draw (draw sheets)
  • Distribution
  • Master Draw Sheets
  • Date for Publication
  • Include details in the program, if applicable

Practice Facilities

  • Time block
  • Where
  • Who pays


  • Number
  • Availability for practice sessions


  • Payment
  • Scoreboards, sheets, pens and pencils


  • Rosters
  • Marking and refereeing

Control Desk

  • Staff roster
  • PA system
  • Stationery, pens, pencils, scoreboards
  • Control board

Entry Forms

  • Dates
  • Sponsor
  • Conditions of Entry
  • Format

Medical Facilities

  • Emergency numbers
  • Location of Dentist, Doctor, Hospital and Physiotherapist


  • Emergency Power
  • Location
  • Parking
  • PA system (location of speakers and microphones)
  • Role of the court owner/club manager.
  • Door attendants
  • Medical services, eg First Aid Kit, Ice Packs
  • Flags
  • Erection of sponsorship material
  • Telephone for public use and tournament officials
  • Gallery seating plan
  • Canteen
  • Decorations
  • Public Transport
  • Entrance and exit signs
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Press Room and Phone


  • Design, production, quantity, sponsors name
  • Ticket sellers
  • Usherettes Roster, uniforms, t-shirts
  • Family tickets


  • Budget
  • Prizemoney/trophies/equipment/goods
  • Raffles
  • Outstanding entry fees
  • Bank account - canteen float
  • Gallery entrance fees
  • Petty Cash
  • Insurance
  • Invoices
  • Income and Expenditure statement
  • Publicity
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Cheques ready to be signed (if prize money)


  • List of potential sponsors
  • Initial appraoch to sponsors
  • Total sponsorship required
  • What to offer the sponsor
  • Sponsor relations
  • Naming rights
  • Signage
  • Display of company products
  • Media coverage (if applicable)
  • What the sponsorship will cost the sponsor


  • Promotional signwriting, billboards
  • Engraving, trophies, sponsor recognition
  • Poster production
  • Media released, particularly to local newspapers/radio
  • trophies (type) - player to retain or perpetual.

Player Relations

  • Billets
  • Travel concessions
  • Transport to airport
  • Transport from accommodation to courts
  • Transport schedule to venue
  • Practice arrangements
  • Media and special functions
  • Availability of practice balls
  • Player pack
  • Draw with playing times
  • Tourist information
  • Club Driver's Pool
  • Free T shirts
  • Complimentary passes (player/coach)
  • Liaison Officer


  • Tournament sponsors
  • Area Associations
  • League representatives
  • Association representatives
  • Club Life membes, past, and current office bearers
  • Media
  • Promising juniors
  • Elite players (former champions)
  • Previous winners of the open events

Catering and Entertainment

  • Functions (social, welcome, finals)
  • complimentary passes
  • Staff hospitality
  • Budget
  • Sponsors (presentation of trophies).

Media Relations

  • Press room with phones and fax facilities
  • Prepare media releases
  • Establish media contacts well before tournament
  • Free tickets for final events
  • Organise media/player interviews/photographs
  • Prepare elite "player profiles" well in advance of tournament.



  • Player photographs
  • Draw and times
  • Major and minor sponsors details


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