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Co-ed Squash evening

Published: 11 Aug 2006 - 00:03 by emtrike

Updated: 12 Aug 2006 - 08:09

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We are hosting a squash co-ed evening at our local squash club. We have a total of 30 players(males and females). The breakdown is 2 advanced males, 12 intermediate mixed players and 16 mixed beginners. We want everyone to play at 3 games. We have 4 squash courts. We want an advanced, an intermediate and a beginner winner.

Any suggestions on how to set up the games. We have the courts for 3 hours.

Help is appreciated

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From raystrach - 11 Aug 2006 - 08:12

good question emtrike

although there are a number of ways you could do this, with this combination of courts, players and time, it has to be a time based solution. This is the only way each player will get the required number of opponents an be able to predict with some accuracy, how long it will take.

Lets take the ideal situation:
  • Total time = 4 x 3 x 60 = 720 mins
  • Total games = 30 x 3 / 2 = 45
  • Time for each game = 720 / 45 = 16 minutes (approx)
  • therefore each person will play for a total of about 45 mins
  • lets worry about the details later as the situation we have is not ideal
It is not necessarily easy to organise a group like this when there is a clear difference in grading. If there is a smooth graduation you can just split them up evenly and play 3 identical competitions. This does not seem to be the case here. points to note:
  • Doing the thing that is easiest is not always the best thing for the players
  • Question
    • What are the 3 most important things in running a sports venue.
  • Answer
    1. keeping the customers happy
    2. keeping the customers happy
    3. keeping the customers happy
  • Therefore you must organise them so that they get the best possible experience. It is probably not going to be the easiest way to do things
  • You want them to come back next time (with their friends) because it was so good
You have graded these players already, but those 2 advanced players present a problem. this is what I would do:
  • set up 3 groups
    • beginners - self explanatory - 16 players
    • intermediate - take out two players who are either the best or the fittest or the keenest  (hopefully all three) to put with the two advanced players - 10 players left
    • advanced - 2 advanced, 2 from intermediate who might be capable of giving the advanced players something of a run - 4 players
  • although not desirable set up three different comps to satisfy each group - This is where you need to be organised
The Competitions
The best way to approach this will be to play time limit squash(above). The winner of each pool can be decided in a number of ways depending on how flexible you are on each player having three games - is it ok for a few people to have more?
  • Beginner Group
    • break the group up into 4 pools of 4 players
    • each pool will play a round robin of 3 matches
    • decide the winner in one of three ways
    • the person with the most number of points won
    • take the top two points getters (from different pools) and play them off in  a final
    • take the winner of each pool and play semis/final
    • time is the big factor in deciding which winner system to use
  • Intermediate group
    • This group is a little more difficult because of the numbers. this is what I would do:
    • break the group into 2 pools of 5
    • play a round robin of 4 games each
    • reduce the time for each game accordingly - say games of 10 minutes each
    • winner decided as above
  • Advanced group
    • 1 pool of 4 players
    • round robin of 3 matches
    • I would play the top two off in a final - as this is likely to be the advanced players - to give them two good runs
    • you may consider handicapping the weaker players depending on the relative standards
Other points
  • Match time for groups 1 and 3 would be about 15 minutes
  • you may consider splitting that into two halves
  • allow time for change over
  • you need to let the players know beforehand what the system is so that they can cooperate in making it work.
  • play group 2 - intermediates - on the one court as their time structure will be different - you might have to play the last couple of matches on another court
If you have questions - post again. if not, let me know how it goes, and don't forget to promote to all of them!

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From rippa rit - 11 Aug 2006 - 07:58   -   Updated: 12 Aug 2006 - 08:09

emtrike - I think this is what you need to do which would be fairly standard and no stress:

  • Run a Round Robin - can you get  hold of Round Robin Sheets?
  • Score Sheets?
  • Divide the players into groups according to ability with say 6 or 8 per group, and  it is better run in even numbers.
  • The 2 advanced players should probably be handicapped and join in the intermediate group.
  • If you have an overall set time frame and want to be sure to get through the matches, add up the number of matches to be played (and it is desirable that everyone plays everyone), divide that into the time allocated, eg 3hrs divide by number of matches.
  • Instead of going on games won for the criteria, make it aggregate points over the number of matches, each match would be run to a buzzer system and when the buzzer goes that is the points score for each player for that match.
  • Then at the end add up each player's points.
  • PARS scoring would be the best scoring system for this format.
  • Players should be warmed-up when stepping on the court (if time is scarce) so they start immediately the buzzer sounds, no time for hit ups with lots of matches to play.
In the How to Play in the Library above, we have a printable score sheet.
Let's know how you are going with this organisation stuff?

One more idea too might be to have a winners prize/trophy for each section, plus a "booby" or "encouragement" prize, especially if this is their first competition - in fact think of a reason to give everybody a prize, if you can afford that in the price charged that is!

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