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The following table shows the stages of physical development.
Swot provides the tools to be able to give children enjoyable experiences by working through the range of progressive activities necessary to satisfy these needs.
All of these activities and games can be adapted by changing one or two elements, eg roll the ball, kick the ball, bounce the ball, catch the ball, hit the ball with your hand, and so on.
Changing the size of the ball will also give variety to the activities.. 

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Physical Development relating to Racket Sports

As students experience various structured activities they will become more competent in Fundamental Motor Patterns.  To assist plan activities, it is necessary to understand how the base level of competence is attained.
Stages of
Physical Skill
Explore and discover ability through spontaneous and structured games. Provide a range of games for students to promote competence in Fundamental Motor Patterns:
Walking, running, hopping, jumping, leaping, landing, slipping, stepping.
Pushing, pulling, swinging, bending, stretching, balancing, turning.
Rolling, stopping, throwing, catching, patting, hitting.
Through participation in games will develop:
Body awareness, knowledge of body parts and body actions, relationships with others and equipment, spatial awareness, sensory information processing, co-ordination.
Efficient Movement Patterns By individual correction students will develop efficient movement patterns enabling them to participate in simple games. From structured experiences, and the student's own play they will develop knowledge of:
Time, force, flow, space as well as motion, stability, gravity, base of support, friction, force, mass, speed, leverage, and air resistance.
Striking skills with racket Effective striking skills will develop with thestudent practising with the appropriate equipment, eg
Grip, stance, forehand, backhand, change direction, weight transfer, rallying.
These experiences now give the student some understanding of:
Fitness, improved fitness will assist skills
levels, as well as health related fitness, eg cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility, strength, muscular endurance
Participation in Mod Swot, Swot Playing these games will test their skills.
Regular participation will lead to an improvement in:
Agility, reaction time, balance, co-ordination, speed, power.
Students will begin to understand more about skill related fitness and the components that will improve their performance:
Agility, reaction time, balance, co-ordination, speed, power.
Skills Coaching Teach the students the specific skills of the sport. Playing games will enhance their social development.
They will understand about rules, responsibility, roles, competition, self control, participation with others, enjoyment, rights of others, co-operation.
Competitions Mod Swot and Swot will enable students to test their skill levels.  These games will cater for all students. Competition will expose the students to the following characteristics:
Leadership, fair play, achievement, participation, rivalary.
Junior Squash Students should now be ready for squash competition as they will have gained a good knowledge of the rules and skills. They should now display respect for the rights of others and acceptance of all Referee rulings.

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