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as warm-ups will get the children "in the mood", and will promote  fitness, agility, balance, and movement skills.

Group Activities like Leap Frog, Copy Cat, Jump the Rope, Shower Ball, and so on are fun, make the children relaxed, and will suit all levels, even adults will have a laugh.

The information contained in the Stages of Physical Development explain clearly the progression and stages at which children learn co-ordination.

By firstly starting with simple activities, then progressing to more complex
games, the children will  gain  hand-eye co-ordination, balance, and fitness by having fun.  Drills can be boring and games give a sense of being involved.

Because of the lack of concentration of children their should be plenty of variety in the activities.  

A worthwhile tip is to set a formation for the group, and progress through drills and games using the same or similar concept, eg the children are formed into a circle for the warm-up, follow that activity with a drill requiring the children to also be in a circular fashion.

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