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Three quarter court squash

Published: 25 Jan 2006 - 08:05 by aprice1985

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 15:11

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I was just wondering if anyone here has any opinions on three quarter court squash as my club seems to use it a lot to get people on court but i find it very annoying and unhelpful in my development as a player.

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From BizarreCo - 04 Sep 2006 - 21:43

Our club version is very similar, but when you win, you stay on as the reciever, not the server.



Focus on keeping the ball tight down the longer playing wall to force your opponent into the back corner. Once you are pretty confident with this shot, work on forcing your opponent into playing the ball to the front of the court (either through a boast or a drop). Attack the front of the court when they do this. Some of the best shots to practise in the 3/4 game are as follows:

  1. Straight drive down whichever wall includes the backcorner especially as a return of serve!
  2. Attacking boast (usually hit from around service box area) to push opponent into far front corner.
  3. Dropshots from half court area to push opponent forward
  4. Cross-court lobs - have to be over T and into playable back corner.
  5. Short straight kill shots which end BEFORE halfcourt line on the non-playable backcourt side. These are usually played off an opponents weak boast and are useful as opponents won't expect an attacking shot played towards to "dead" corner. Make sure it bonuces in play before going into the back corner!

This game can be really useful for paractising all of the shots listed above, but you have to avoid any kind of cross-court drive, as they tend to be dealt with easily by opponents who have any kind of volleying ability!




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From rippa rit - 31 Aug 2006 - 07:27

Slavic - thanks for the explanation.  Actually what you explain is similar to what we play here, but it is called "Ins and Outs" or "King of the Court" sort of play.  It is fun and the kids love it especially if there are more players than courts available.  Our play has never been confined to 3/4 of the court though to my knowledge.

Yes, confining the shots is good for control, placement and discipline, and concentration too I guess.  It is all good.

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From drop-shot - 31 Aug 2006 - 04:46   -   Updated: 31 Aug 2006 - 04:48

Three Quarters as played in Hungary  and Germany:
1. number of players: 3-9 or more;
2. number of balls used: 1
3. numbers of players in the rally: 2

We choose Forehand or Backhand three quarters
The fourth is used for the cuel of players

You are allowed to play only in three qurters of the court
You loose - you go to the cuel
You win, you stay in the game as the server.
And the circle goes on.

What Rita explained is a bit different story and I used to call it restricted games. Me an dmy coach do play regular match but we set up the rules - man can hit only in one third of court or man can play only length shots or only backhand or one player plays only short  and the other plays whatever. Well, variety is big.

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From rippa rit - 30 Aug 2006 - 20:42

aprice1985 - What transpired about this 3/4 court topic?  Where is Arthur?  Has medicine got him confined?  Must be.

Anyway, we had a search enquiry for 3/4 court so it seems that is a term used in some countries.

Reading what Slavic has said and Arthur too, I wonder if you are trying to hit the ball only in the court up to the back of the service box. (so just join up the lines defining the back of the service box and that takes away the back wall?).

What I would prefer though for a practice exercise, is draw the line across as above, but only hit the ball in the area between the back of the service box and the back wall....better for adults.  Then if you land the ball short of this area, you lose the point, or have to do 3 Push Ups, or 3 Sit Ups, or 3 Sprints, and that will sure help the players think about what they are doing on court.  Tough stuff...
Well, the other3/4 court play is ok for modified games/equipment.  Yeah?

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From drop-shot - 25 Jan 2006 - 19:44

Do you mean the excercise called 3/4? When you stay in the cuel to play one rally using only three quarters of the court? At my club in Bp. we play it pretty often - every Friday afternoon. In my opinion it's a good lesson "How to control the ball during the rally and how to be precize" as every stronger shot goes out. And you are NOT allowed to make a mistake which is really good as well. So I found this game really adventageus.
Try to adjust yourself to that excersize as it may help you a lot to target the points on front wall and the floor where you want to hit the ball. In my practice sessions I played a lot of "restriction games" when you are not allowed to use particular part of the court. So you could choose if we play only backhand back quarter or glasswall half of the court of we play only in the front. If you do it for 1-2 months on a regular basis your shot selection will imoprove a lot.

But remember, I am just an amateur players, so let's wait for Rita, Ray and the otheres with their comments.

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