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Fair tactic or not

Published: 09 Feb 2006 - 05:49 by fxjackal

Updated: 25 Sep 2008 - 20:47

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I am playing in local club league (having recently started playing again Jan 2006, as previously mentioned).  I came up against an old boy, say 50 odd years old (no offence intended to anyone), but this character was wily and ring smart.  Ok, I did beat him 3 - 0, but have to question his tactics.  Tactics such as: - slow play between points, asking for a ball to be rolled to the servers block rather than me tossing it to him, longer than normal break between games, "cooling" the ball.  The individual seems to believe that a frozen ball is the one that gives him the edge.  I believe true skill will always win over tactics that are unfair in my perception.  Anyway there are no referees in these games, so there is no outside assistance available to me.  Ok, I must admit that I reverted to the old reverse physcology by complimenting his good shots, but telling him he was playing well, and of course the old incorrect name calling, so John became Joseph, as an example.

What do the wise people say?


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From rippa rit - 21 Feb 2006 - 14:23

fxjackal - here is the reply to your rules question about hitting the ball in between games, while your partner goes to the bathroom - here is the answer.

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From raystrach - 10 Feb 2006 - 21:47

hi fxjackal

no offence taken

  • if i recall correctly, taking the ball from the court between games is against the rules.
  • hitting up between games is not against the rules (it used to be that the opponent could prevent it but i think that has now been changed
  • don't let anyone put it over you - fight fire with fire - if you can't do that, make sure you win!
(ps read my profile by clicking on my username above)

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From rippa rit - 10 Feb 2006 - 09:55   -   Updated: 10 Feb 2006 - 10:21

Hello fxjackal - To know your ground on the specifics of the rules you need to carefully read the rules, as most of what you are speaking of is covered in the early part of the rules..  
Can I suggest a copy of the rules be displayed in the foyer of the courts as a hint for players to get to know the rules. Some players do not want to know them and say "this is only social"
Here are a couple of links :
The rules have been amended over time to try to stop unfair play, eg to prevent substitution of the ball, biting the ball to get a new ball, and so on.  Basically the ball should:-
    •  remain on the court during the break
    •  may only be hit during the break if given permission from the Referee  - that is why I am suggesting when the Ref says "time" the first on the court (will be you), to go over and give the ball a couple of swift hits to get it going before the first serve in the next game.
  • Play may be continuous providing both players agree.
  • It is ok to stay on the court waiting for the opponent to return - that is your choice - but not holding the ball!! 
  • The time between games can be useful, to get your thoughts together, revise your game plan, cool down, and even "cool off" etc.
You know this squash tactic stuff can be a sort of "proud" thing for oldies, especially beating the youngens!!


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From fxjackal - 10 Feb 2006 - 07:23

Thanks Rippa

Is there an etiquet issue in squash where I do not take an in game break (in between games) and my opponent does.  I remain on the court (or simply open the door grab my towel, wipe down and toss it out) and pound the ball or try to work on timing etc while he is gone.  Is this fair or unfair.  Obviously I keep the ball warm by staying on the court, and don't need the break (except to quickly wipe down arms, face etc).  I never show (or try not to show) weakness / tiredness against any opponent and will jog between points and gladly fetch the ball. 

I was told (this evening) by another club member that the "old boy" took the ball to the bathroom during one of the breaks, and that he is known for these tactics.  Probably chilled the ball until the cold water tap.  Must the ball remain on the court during the break?

 I saw him the "old boy" this evening, smiling after his game.  Probably suckered some other opponent.

Thanks again



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From rippa rit - 09 Feb 2006 - 07:30   -   Updated: 09 Feb 2006 - 09:24

Hi fxjackal - Yes.the tricks of this guy are not new ones.
The Continuity of Play Rule 7.6 (wasting time) is the main problem and difficult without a Ref.
The best thing is to try to take advantage of these type of tactics otherwise it can get under your skin and interrupt your concentration, and that, of course, is another tactic of this warriors too.
Obviously you were a better player, and that is what you obviously focussed on - the playing - well done.
Often counter tactics will stop the opponent's "rot" eg -
  • When the opponent delays and makes you wait to serve, say, do not stand in the box ready but take a walk up to the front or back wall, or flick the ball against the wall - let him be ready before you, and if he does not like you doing that he may stop this antic.
  • Rolling the ball is ok I guess - as he may have been hit by a person hitting or throwing the ball to him when he was least expecting it - give him the benefit of the doubt I suppose, but you can always ricochet the ball off the side wall to him too (practice your snooker!).
  • Of course the delay also cools down the ball, particularly if you are hitting hard, and your opponent's game is based around lobs and drops - and if this does not suit your style, it will be necessary to hard serve more often to keep some sting in the ball.
  • I would walk onto the court first, after the in-between game break, and give the ball a few mighty wacks to warm it up, before starting to serve.
  • Often the counter tactics will work, and also changing service boxes, eg left, and right box, can be another thing.
Usually the reverse psychology theory does work.
Of course there is the tieing of the shoe laces trick, wiping up the sweat, appealing for lets, and the list goes on, but the same applies - no NOT stand and fume, but take advantage of the situation.

We humans are funny creatures at times

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