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World Squash Day - What will your club do?

Published: 11 Mar 2006 - 08:26 by rippa rit

Updated: 16 Mar 2006 - 19:33

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Just drawing attention to our Squash News item of 6th March.
World Squash Day has come around again - 4th April.  This gives clubs/organisations an opportunity to be involved in the promotion of our sport.
Events like this give great exposure and can invite the public to come and see what the sport is like etc and give clubs promotional tools to increase participation.
Those clubs/organisations who officially register with World Squash Day will get free advertising of the event......squashgame will also advertise the event for you.
There might be a TShirt too which would be a good promo tool.
Check out the link.

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From rippa rit - 16 Mar 2006 - 19:20   -   Updated: 16 Mar 2006 - 19:33

So, nothing much is happening for World squash Day 4th April?.
Not even an Open House to let the public experience what the game is about?
What about school kids, or juniors, having a "try"?
The clubbies could offer to help by giving some advice and hits, etc. and maybe have a sausage sizzle to add a bit of flavour to the day.
Get a raffle going to raise some funds for the club. 
So, we complain nothing happens, and it does not.
This is a perfect way to have an introduction to the game.
Yes, I am a nuisance suggesting this hard work!!!

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From aprice1985 - 13 Mar 2006 - 11:15

S**t all is the answer knowing my club they won't even know it exists and i am sick of trying to do anythiong for them so i will celebrate with a game with a few friends i think!

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