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Semi finals - How can I prepare myself?

Published: 14 Jul 2004 - 18:12 by rippa rit

Updated: 25 Jul 2004 - 18:17

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For an inter-club competition there are lots of things which will give "the edge" on your opponent. So, say, looking at a 2 week lead time:-

2 weeks before -
1. Check out who the opponent is.
2. Check out who in the team or club has beaten them.
3. Seek a practice partner who plays a similar style of game to the opponent, eg a hard hitter, soft hitter, touch players, and so on.
4. Take particular notice of the type of serves, eg high, soft, hard, angles.
5. Is the opponent left or right handed. If left handed practice serving from the left hand service box.
6. Have a game plan for the match.

2 days before the match -
1. Have a good practice and leave the courts feeling confident.
2. Play with the type of ball that is to be used in the competition.
3. Play at the courts that are being used for the semi finals.

Night before the match -
1. Have a good carbohydrate meal, eg spaghetti, pasta.
2. Check out your equipment, gear, clothes, shoes.

Night of the match -
1. 6 hours before - eat a solid meal.
2. 2 hours before - eat a light meal of say, fruit/vegies/salad.
3. Sit and visualise playing the opponent, eg being in front of the opponent, playing good length, serves and return of serves.
4. Visualise any problems, eg opponent pushing, crowding, rushing, referee decisions, and mentally rehearse how you will deal with it and still stay controlled.

Before going on the court -
1. Warm-up and Stretch.
2. If nervous, breath slowly and deeply and exhale slowly.
3. Be alone for a while to get your mind focussed, and be aware of the opposition trying to "psych you out".
4. Visualise your game plan.

During the hit up -
1. Take it easy and gradually strive for rhythm in the swing.
2. Hit good length drives, and cross court, that force the opponent back (think of the targets on the front wall).
3. Throw in a couple of lobs, boasts and drop shots to get "your eye in".

During play -
1. Focus on what you can control.
2. Keep your eyes, and mind inside the playing area (court).squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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