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getting hit by ball?

Published: 13 Mar 2006 - 17:08 by lowrider

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 12:19

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what is the official rules of getting hit by the ball?  whos point is it?  what situations is it different?
thanks in advance.

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From rippa rit - 14 Mar 2006 - 14:11   -   Updated: 14 Mar 2006 - 14:13

lowrider - the WSF link has lots of answers to lots of questions which will be a good help, as the questions are asked by ordinary players who have never read the rules, as the rules are really like reading a legal contract!!  The rules do not say,eg "if you hit a tricky shot" this happens, or "if you jump over the ball this happens".
Here is a guide to the rules written so players can understand playing situations clearly.

Yep, it is a pain, but you just have to plod through them progressively.

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From aprice1985 - 14 Mar 2006 - 09:24

One way of thinking of it in my amatuer opinion is that if a ball hits the opponent would it have been a winner or close to one if it had made it, if so it is a definite stroke, if it definitly wouldn't or would have hit a side wall it is a definite let unless it was deliberate interference.  Worry about each grey area as it comes and try to think of hitting winners or just normal shots.  I never feel as pissed off about only getting a let here as if i call for one where i could have had a stroke but didn't get one as your opponent will have suffered more if they are hit by the ball.  Having said that try not to hit an opponent and call the let first but if they keep complaining well...

Just be aware i am only an amatuer and dont really do any refereeing

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From lowrider - 14 Mar 2006 - 08:44

thanks aprice. 

i will be asking many questions here.  i appreciate everyones patience and replies.

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From lowrider - 14 Mar 2006 - 08:43

From aprice1985 - 14 Mar 2006 - 08:41

point to opponent, you caused the ball to hit you so it wont be a let and clothes count as you

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From lowrider - 14 Mar 2006 - 08:34

thanks for the reply you guys. 

now what if i am playing a short shot and i hit a direct shot off the front of the wall and i am close to the front and hit myself, or it hits my clothing or something?  is that let, or point to opponent?

thanks you guys.

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From aprice1985 - 14 Mar 2006 - 03:07

Just as an interesting thought what if you are hit by a player who plays a trick shot from behind their back, they havn't turned maybe but is it dangerous play if they had no idea where the opponenet was?

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From msc - 14 Mar 2006 - 01:02

and let's not forget the "turning rule" which case the person hit with the ball gets awarded the stroke.... :) that rule has been in since 2001 and still I sometimes struggle when refereeing matches (did he turn? did he not turn? aagh!)

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From rippa rit - 13 Mar 2006 - 22:02   -   Updated: 13 Mar 2006 - 22:16

lowrider - good to see you back in the forum. 
Here is a link to a coaching tip "ball hits player" that might help you sort through your question of "getting hit by ball".
As you can see it is not a black and white decision. 
After digesting the content of the article any further questions can be answered.

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From hamburglar - 13 Mar 2006 - 20:57   -   Updated: 13 Mar 2006 - 20:57

If you're are in the path of a direct shot to the front wall and get hit, it is a stroke to your opponent.

If you are in the path of an indirect shot like a boast and get hit by a ball on the way to the sidewall, it it just a let.

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