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training program

Published: 13 Mar 2006 - 18:28 by penny-fun

Updated: 15 Mar 2006 - 19:03

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hi all i need a trainig program is any one there that can send me this?


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From dmennie - 15 Mar 2006 - 19:00   -   Updated: 15 Mar 2006 - 19:03

Hi Penny-Fun,

This is a small question with a very big set of answers.

Ritas advice is sound,however  before consuming 20 years of coaching from the library it may be relevant to consider where you wish to get to.....goal setting.....this is relevant to the sort of training and coaching you will require. Coaching and training are two very different animals, and the level you wish to be at is the place to start.

Setting programs for local league players is not the same as that for proffessionals. Those players leaving Australia thinking they are fit  get a very rude awakening to the level of training and the intensity it is done at to be even competitive. This new culture requires a greater level of fitness even just to train.

The goal also makes it easier to train as difficult days are easier with some focus.

All the best

David M

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From rippa rit - 13 Mar 2006 - 22:12   -   Updated: 13 Mar 2006 - 22:20

penny-fun - welcome to the forum.
Easy question - hard answer
Before we can go into the specifics of a program click on the following links, where there is an example of a fitness/training schedule with associated ideas for your information.. 
The whole section on squash fitness needs to be understood so you can work out how to put your schedule together. I mean a specific program to suit you.
Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your physical ability is one thing, together with the skill and tactical areas of your squash game, will make up the ingredients of a total training program.
When you have read the various areas in the Library on the Home Page, eg strokes/movement, fitness, tactics, mental skills, etc.  you will be in a better position to ask more specific questions about your program.
Let us know how you go?

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