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Deep serve

Published: 27 Mar 2006 - 01:04 by daveamour

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 12:28

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I am new to squash - have been playing about a month now.  I'm playing pretty well though against my friends who have been playing for years but I am having a problem when my opponent does a serve which comes in close against the wall and then bounces right near the corner.  I am letting the ball bounce and hoping to play my return then but we play with a yellow spot ball so it doesn't bounce high enough and is also too close to the back glass.

Can anyone give me advice on dealing with this type of serve - particularly when its played to my backhand (I am right handded)




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From rippa rit - 02 Apr 2006 - 06:56

daveamour - just think of these couple of tips for returning the service too:
  • watch the ball off your opponent's racket
  • as the ball approaches, turn the body side on
  • with the shoulder to the target
  • wrist firm
  • reach up for the volley

You will get it.

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From daveamour - 02 Apr 2006 - 03:14

Hi guys

I played again today and tried your ideas.  I tried to volley as many of these as possible and when I did it worked out very well.  My percentage of volleys v complete messups was not so good but promising and something I can work on.




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From rippa rit - 30 Mar 2006 - 07:07   -   Updated: 30 Mar 2006 - 07:07

The ultimate place to land the return of service (or any return for that matter),
  • tight along the wall, and/or
  • in a corner
Way to go

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From grabcopy - 29 Mar 2006 - 21:19

Also a new player (and BWFC fan, Sam!). I've discovered it's a good idea to volley the serve back - but can anyone tell me where to volley it? Down your rail or diagonally back towards the server? Volleying seems to produce less control over direction and therefore more chance of  hitting a pudding down the middle.

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From SamBWFC - 28 Mar 2006 - 23:05   -   Updated: 28 Mar 2006 - 23:06

I find standing in this position the best place to be:


With thanks to Microsoft Paint for allowing me to draw such an excellent diagram!


The first serve (1) allows you to easily move forward in a couple of steps to volley the ball before it hits the side wall.


The second serve (2) is when your opponent throws in a narrow serve. I always leave a bit of space behind me for these serves, because if you stand right next to the half line, the ball will travel right to your body so you can't get a good swing in. Hope this helps!

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From rippa rit - 28 Mar 2006 - 07:21

daveamour - there is nothing stated in the rules to say where to stand and what to do with the service return. 
Personally I would not stand any further forward than the boundary of the service box, as that will invite the opponent to hit it over your head, even if it does not touch the wall.
By all means stand well clear of the wall, and watch the server closely, and you can move into any position once you have got a clue where the ball is heading, eg move forward, sideways, back.
Yes, try to take the service before it hits the wall.
Let us know how you go next time?

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From daveamour - 28 Mar 2006 - 05:10

Ok thanks guys I will try this out on Saturday when I am playing next.

On a technical point though am I right in assuming that if you volley a serve before it hits the wall, you must let it cross the line - or is it just that you need to be standing behind the line?




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From JJSOOTY - 28 Mar 2006 - 03:13

I try to volley as many returns as possible as it stops tricky situations at the back of the court (like the one you mentioned) and also puts you in a good position to take control in the rally.

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From SamBWFC - 27 Mar 2006 - 13:01

I was taught from an early age to volley these shots. Concentrate on the service, where your opponent is going to hit it, and if you can, volley - whether it be before the ball hits the side wall or after. It will catch your opponent off-guard, off the T and put you in an attacking position.

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From rippa rit - 27 Mar 2006 - 09:01   -   Updated: 27 Mar 2006 - 09:01

daveamour - welcome to the forum.
Here is the link to the squashgame return of serve chapter.  Be sure to click on the "more" tabs as well. The diagrams and hints should help you with feet positioning and hopefully you will be able to volley these dreaded serves.
Let us know how you go after you put some of these tips into practice.

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From Viper - 27 Mar 2006 - 07:24

It will take lots of practice but you MUST step forward and take the ball on the full, either before it hits the wall or off the side wall, let it bounce to the back corner and you will continue to dig yourself a hole.

Good luck.

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Rippa, Many thanks for your reply its full of great info

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