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Sport - what a difference?

Published: 14 Apr 2006 - 08:22 by rippa rit

Updated: 14 Apr 2006 - 08:25

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This week I have been watching lots of young kids from ages 10/16 who belong to sport in a big way with lots of support from family. 
I billeted this little fella 11yrs old who was up warming up and stretching before a 7am match (tournament running behind time) - learning how to apply himself under adverse conditions, learning how your head can let you down under physical and mental pressure, backing up for another match two hours later.  All about bouncing back.....and back...and back again.
I am hooked on sport.
These little kids fought their little hearts out to compete until they nearly dropped.
They got disappointment, joy, tiredness, mateship, rewards.
Hey, this is what life is about.
These little tigers will be streaks ahead of their counterparts in years to come.
What an enjoyable way to learn lessons too.
Fit kids
No obesity

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