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Power beaten in the Canadian Championships !

Published: 07 May 2006 - 22:38 by Viper

Updated: 26 Sep 2008 - 09:07

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Bit of a shock I would think......


"TORONTO- Shahier Razik of Toronto shocked top-seed and former world number-one Jonathon Power of Montreal to win the men's title Saturday at the 2006 Dunlop Canadian Squash Championships while Carolyn Russell of Winnipeg completed a great run to take the women's crown.

Razik, the third-seed, took the championship match 11-8, 6-11, 11-2, 11-9 in 59 minutes for his first Canadian title. Power, the most successful player in North America and the winner at six of the past seven nationals, had retired earlier this year from the pro circuit.

''I'm in shock and disbelief, it would probably be better to talk to me tomorrow,'' said Razik, who is currently ranked 21st in the world. ''I really picked up my pace in the third game and tried to stay in front. That's when I saw he was having trouble and I could possibly take the match. I was more aggressive overall while he was on and off. I just stuck in there and hoped for the best.

''It's the biggest win of my career by far.''

There was a tinge of sadness for Razik to beat a player of Power's stature in what was perhaps his last tournament. On Friday, Power was inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame.

''I feel a little guilty,'' said Razik. ''But I still had to do my job and get the win. Jonathon has been a great friend and teacher over the years and I've learned a lot from him. Maybe he taught me too much.''

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